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Leanne Carlson Goth, MA, LP

Crisis Management
I teach tools and skills that can lead to immediate harmony in the home.

Approach To Care

Dr. Goth strives to help customers quickly feel at ease in what is always a stressful situation in the emergency department. She helps customers problem solve and make decisions by teaching new tools and skills, while instilling hope and a plan for their future wellness, regardless of their final destination. She especially has a heart for the adolescents in our community and their families.

Dr. Goth enjoys the fast pace of the emergency department and the variety of customers. She also enjoys identifying specific needs and providing applicable resources. And, customer safety is always her first priority.



  • Undergraduate Degree – Wheaton College, IL
  • Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychological Services – St. Mary’s of Winona

Dr. Goth has worked as a school psychologist in Wayzata schools and a mobile crisis responder in the Minneapolis schools. She has extensive experience in neuropsychological testing, forensic psychometrics and as a psychometric field examiner.

Dr. Goth has also utilized telehealth (telemedicine) to provide psychiatric assessments for customers throughout the state of Minnesota, including underserved rural areas.


Travel is a favorite pastime of Dr. Goth’s – she always likes to have a getaway in the works that she is planning and dreaming about. She also enjoys experiencing different landscapes and cultures with her husband, two young adult sons, and sometimes her parents. She treasures the times they spend together. They especially enjoy Scandinavia.

Friendships are also important, and Dr. Goth looks for opportunities to invest in these as well. In her spare time, Dr. Goth likes to bargain hunt and read. She highly recommends everyone own a Shih Tzu puppy or some kind of furry pet as a matter of self-care.