Rostina Vannett headshot

Rostina S. Vannett, APRN CNP

Urgent Care
I involve my customers in their health plan by building strong relationships that ultimately produce better health outcome.

Approach To Care

In addition to addressing her customer’s immediate health concerns, Rostina Vannett works to understand them as a whole, considering their personal goals as well as outside influences that affect their wellbeing. She enjoys caring for customers of different ages and backgrounds, helping them understand the disease process and how they can maintain their wellbeing and best care for themselves.

Rostina Vannett has cared for a wide array of ages, ethnicities and cultures in communities ranging from urban to rural. She volunteers at numerous immunization clinics serving minorities and underserved communities during the winter season.


Prior to becoming a Nurse Practitioner, Rostina Vannett was a BSN RN for more than nine years – the majority of which was in an ICU.


While not working, Rostine Vannett likes to spend time with her husband, two boys and their cat. They like to travel to new places, camp and visit out-of-state families. She also enjoys going to plays and reading books.