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Ablepay LogoAblePay Health members can save up to 13% on their out-of-pocket medical expenses, including copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. As a member, you have flexible payment options on every bill and the full support of AblePay’s billing experts if you have a question.

This program is available to North Memorial Health patients at no-cost and works with most primary health insurance, including Medicare. You can also include family members on your AblePay account.

AblePay’s convenient member portal makes paying and tracking medical expenses easy and efficient. Its team of medical claim experts is always available to answer questions and will even reach out to the providers’ billing staff on your behalf if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AblePay is a program that allows you to save up to 13% on deductibles, coinsurance, and copays at absolutely no-cost to you.

The program also provides flexible payment terms to meet your financial needs on every bill. AblePay works with multiple payment methods (ACH or Credit/Debit Card), including HSAs and FSAs. Savings are based on your choice of payment method and term. Additionally, the program provides member support through advocates who will assist with billing questions or issues.

Enroll for AblePay in under five minutes at

Upon reaching the enrollment site, follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete your member profile (basic demographic and contact information)
  2. Add the family members that you wish to be responsible for (can have different insurance plans)
  3. Provide the Insurance information requested (if applicable)
  4. Select the Default Payment Method and Term
  5. Review terms of service, sign off electronically, and verify your email address
  6. Your AblePay card(s) will be mailed to you

Once enrolled, keep your AblePay card with your insurance information. Present your AblePay card along with your primary insurance card when seeking treatment at any North Memorial Health location, including our hospitals, walk-in care, labs, and primary care clinics.

AblePay will be entered and processed like secondary or tertiary insurance. After the service is complete and the primary insurance carrier processes the claim, North Memorial Health will bill AblePay your responsibility.

You will receive an email from AblePay indicating the bill was received and the amount you owe after insurance has paid their portion. Your insurance carrier will still provide your Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

Once notified, you will have five days to decide if you would like to change your default payment term or the payment method. If no changes are made, AblePay will use the payment term and method you selected during enrollment.

There is no cost to use AblePay (no enrollment, monthly or annual fees).

AblePay assists medical providers by helping reduce their receivable times and expenses. In exchange for
prompt payment, providers are willing to offer AblePay a lower rate, covering its business costs.


No, AblePay is not insurance or supplemental insurance. It is entered into the system as a secondary or tertiary insurance only for the purpose of the bill being sent to AblePay for processing.

Yes, you will still receive your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance carrier.

Yes, you can include anyone under your account that you wish to be financially responsible for, even if their health insurance is different than yours.

Yes, AblePay is HIPAA compliant and takes the security of your Protected Health Information (PHI) seriously.


No, AblePay is unable to provide savings on these services at this time.

Yes, patients with Medicare can use the program.

No. Providing AblePay is registered on your account, North Memorial Health will bill AblePay, not
you. AblePay will notify you that the bill was received and will direct you to visit your member portal.

Contact AblePay member support by phone at 484-292-4000, email or submit an inquiry via the website at