Weight & Lifestyle Management


A Plan Fit for You

North Memorial Health’s weight and lifestyle management team partners with each patient to provide comprehensive support and a personalized care plan that helps you reach your goals efficiently and effectively. With compassionate care provided in a convenient setting and ongoing monitoring, you have a partner in your weight management goals.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, please call 763-581-3689.

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The North Memorial Health Advantage

  • A specialized board-certified physician, licensed pharmacist, dietitian, and registered nurse are all part of your care team and partner with you to create an effective care plan to meet your personalized goals.
  • Licensed pharmacists help make sure that medications and supplements used for weight loss are safe and effective, check for possible drug interactions, review side effects, and adjust medications as needed. Our team provides guidance in medication approval and insurance benefits to make treatments more accessible and affordable.
  • Registered dietitians provide guidance to ensure patients are consuming a well-balanced diet while educating on the importance of healthy eating habits for long-term success and maintenance.
  • Receiving care from an integrated weight management program like North Memorial Health means you have access to a comprehensive healthcare system with access to both medical and surgical weight loss options to provide a customized, effective care plan.
  • A dedicated care navigator will be available to you to support and navigate any specialty referrals or services you may need from behavioral health and sleep medicine to diagnostic testing.


Conditions & Care Options

Learn more about your condition and how it may be treated at North Memorial Health.

List of Conditions

List of Services

Personalized Nutrition Guidance

Lifestyle Modification Coaching

Health and Wellness Education

Ongoing Support and Monitoring of Goals and Medical Conditions

GLP-1 Agonists

Diagnostic Testing

Behavioral Health and Sleep Medicine Referrals

Frequently Asked Questions

Each insurance plan is different. We will work with your insurance carrier to determine coverage requirements with your specific plan.

Because health insurance plan payments vary and benefit levels are unique to each plan, you may confirm out of pocket cost with your insurance carrier by calling the number on the back of your insurance card.

We encourage you to discuss all healthcare needs with your primary care provider, however, you do not need a referral to been seen in our clinic. Simply call our clinic at 763-581-3689 to schedule an appointment.

At your first appointment, our care team will work with you to create a personalized plan to best help you reach your wellness goals. We will cover topics such as your health and lifestyle goals, diet history, medical and surgical history, and determine if weight loss medications are right for you. We have a team of professionals ready to partner with you along your journey and will set follow-ups that fit within your lifestyle.

Care Team

Our highly trained experts empower you with the knowledge and the support you need to get the healthcare you want.

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Brad Whirley, PharmD

Weight & Lifestyle Management
I believe in evidence-based medicine while taking into account patients' individual circumstances and personal preferences.
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Connie Khong, PharmD

Weight & Lifestyle Management
Medications aren’t one-size fits all. I'll optimize your medications to meet your needs and goals.
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Sheila Flynn, MD

Family Medicine, Weight & Lifestyle Management
I prefer to take a whole person approach to my relationship with patients.
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