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Meet Your Cancer Care Team

When you get a cancer diagnosis, you need a team to fight with you—and a place to call home. That’s what North Memorial Health Cancer Center provides. Our top-rated hematologists, oncologists, and surgeons provide superlative care and access to the latest technological treatments, clinical trials, onsite pharmacy, and private chemo rooms. It’s research-university-level care in an environment where you’re not one of a thousand, you are the ONE.

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The North Memorial Health Advantage

  • We have oncology-certified nurses, our providers are specialists in hematology and oncology and are often named to local Top Doctors’ lists.
  • Our Specialty Center Pharmacy provides personalized counseling and the convenience of on-site infusion and retail pharmacy services.
  • North Memorial Health also has highly trained and experienced genetic counselors on staff for families seeking information about their cancer risk.
  • 100 percent of North Memorial Health Breast Center customers surveyed are willing to recommend the care and facilities.
  • We are one of few places in Minnesota to perform the much less invasive robotic lung-cancer surgery.
  • We are also the third-largest oral, head and neck cancer practice in Minnesota.
  • We believe well-being is the sixth vital sign—equally as important as lab values and blood pressure. That’s why we address the practical, family, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your care too.
  • We partner with Minneapolis Radiation Oncology to lead our radiation treatment for cancer to deliver the best possible outcome for each customer.
  • A financial counselor is available and we offer advance care planning, chaplains and palliative care.
  • Our oncology social worker can get you services you may need outside our clinic: Housekeeping, grant money (we gave more than $1.6 million in 2016 alone), meal deliveries, ride-shares, and more.
  • We make the journey with you from diagnosis to treatment’s end. Survivorship visits provide you with a summary of your diagnosis and treatments, plus you’ll review treatment effects, understand your “new normal,” connect to resources, outline follow-ups, and discuss recurrence prevention.


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Cancer Conditions & Care Options

Learn more about your condition and how it may be treated at North Memorial Health.

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Access to Hundreds of Clinical Trial Studies

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Care Team

Our highly trained experts empower you with the knowledge and the support you need to get the healthcare you want.

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Dan Pease

Daniel Pease, MD

Oncology, Hematology
I collaborate with customers to provide state-of-the-art, individualized care based on their goals and values.
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Joy Larsen Haidle headshot

Joy Larsen Haidle, MS, CGC

Genetic Counselor
I am a pioneer in the field of cancer genetics.
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Brenna Radermacher Headshot

Brenna L. Radermacher, DNP, APRN, CNP

Cancer / Oncology
I provide compassionate, individual focused care, honest communication, and education to those affected by cancer.
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Charina Wynia

Charina Wynia, CNP

Cancer / Oncology
I strive to make cancer care as low stress as possible for my customers.
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Evan Mariash, MD

Evan Mariash, MD

Oncology, Hematology
I treat people as I would like to be treated.
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Christine Wiese headshot

Christine Wiese, APRN, CNP

Oncology, Hematology
I believe in providing each customer with compassionate, empathetic, and supportive care while following them on their cancer care continuum.
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Katie Baker-Lange Headshot

Katie Baker-Lange, CGC

Cancer / Oncology
I believe that knowing about health risks empowers customers to make more informed care decisions.
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Ana Brown

Ana Brown, PA-C

Thoracic Surgery
I strive to earn trust and do the right thing for each individual.
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Rachel Thompson, PA-C

Rachel Thompson, PA-C

Oncology, Hematology
I want to help the customer through their cancer journey with empathy, compassion and dedication.
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Mallory J. Yelenich-Huss, MD

Breast Surgical Oncology, General Surgery
I use my advanced knowledge of breast cancer care to develop an individualized surgical plan for each person.
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Joseph Levine headshot

Joseph I. Levine, MD

Oncology, Hematology
I am devoted to the compassionate, science-based care of my customers.
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Elizabeth Levin Headshot

Elizabeth Edlavitch Levin, MD

Cancer / Oncology
I am dedicated to providing a comprehensive, evidence-based model of care with compassion and honesty.
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Heather Penning headshot

Heather A. Penning, RN, APRN

Cancer / Oncology
I try to make cancer care less stressful for my customers.
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Ketan Patel headshot

Ketan Patel, PhD, DDS

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
My extensive training and experience allows me to provide the best care possible to my customers.
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Shirley Kern Headshot

Shirley Kern, APRN, CNS, AOCN

Cancer / Oncology
I work to maximize my customer’s health outcomes.
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Avanti Mehrotra headshot

Avanti Mehrotra, MD

Oncology, Hematology
I am focused on integrative medicine and take a holistic approach towards overall care of the customer with the goal of complete physical and emotional well-being.
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