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North Memorial Health care teams–from generalists to specialists, nurse practitioners to physicians–believe in providing empowering healthcare. We help you match our knowledge to your needs for better health and well being.

David Fuglestad headshot

David E. Fuglestad, MD

Family Medicine
I have a customer-centered approach to care.
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Barrett Holen Headshot

Barrett Holen, MD

Hospital Medicine
I provide a holistic approach to care focusing on the customers values.
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Lora Princ headshot

Lora Princ, MD

I make sure my customer’s concerns and desires come first.
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Joseph Farhat headshot

Joseph Farhat, MD, FACS

I aim to provide the most up-to-date care in a personalized manner for each of my customers.
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Jennifer Gray headshot

Jennifer Gray, PA-C

Family Medicine
I aim to educate customers so that they can have an active role in their healthcare decisions.
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Andrew Arthur headshot

Andrew F. Arthur, MD

Orthopedic Surgery
I work to deliver exceptional service and compassionate care to all my customers.
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Traci Roaberts Headshot

Traci A. Roberts, MD

Hospital Medicine
I actively seek a team approach and encourage customers to speak up with any questions or concerns.
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Merritt Beh headshot

Merritt Beh, MD

Concierge Medicine, Internal Medicine
I partner with my customers to create customized care approaches designed to achieve optimal health and life balance.
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Patrick Loew headshot

Patrick Loew, PA-C

Family Medicine
I treat my customers with respect and honesty.
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Brian Johns headshot

Brian Johns, MD, MFA, ABPN

I use evidence-based treatments to help customers identify and achieve their own personal goals for health and wellness.
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