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North Memorial Health care teams–from generalists to specialists, nurse practitioners to physicians–believe in providing empowering healthcare. We help you match our knowledge to your needs for better health and well being.

Headshot of Dr. Podaly Jay

Podaly U. Jay, MD

Concierge Medicine, Internal Medicine
I value the partnerships that I build with my customers.
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Bridget Kosak headshot

Bridget Kosak, PA-C

Family Medicine
I have open communication and work together with customers to achieve health related goals.
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Cresta Jones Headshot

Cresta W. Jones, MD

Maternal Fetal Medicine
I am privileged to partner with women and their families at such an important time.
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Carl Dean, MD

Internal Medicine, Nephrology
I am focused on customer-centered care.
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Ashley Gulden headshot

Ashley Gulden, PsyD, LP

Mental Health - Outpatient
I'm dedicated to helping customers mindfully navigate the complex process of healing.
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Tina Allenburg headshot

Tina Allenburg, APRN, CNP

Heart & Vascular
I enjoy working with a variety of people, helping them learn about their diagnoses and improve their overall health.
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Elizabeth Rahberg headshot

Elizabeth Rahberg, PA-C

Family Medicine
I enjoy working with customers of all ages to achieve their best health.
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Abdurkedir Geda Headshot

Abdurkedir Geda, MD

Hospital Medicine
I aim for early and accurate diagnosis along with optimal treatment for my customers.
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Usha Kalava headshot

Usha R. Kalava, MD

Internal Medicine, Geriatrics
I believe in listening to customers, answering their questions and actively involving them in decision making.
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Shara Brace Headshot

Shara Brace, PA-C

Urgent Care
Compassion and respect are the core of my approach to customer care.
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Kurt Hessen headshot

Kurt Andrew Hessen, MD, ABEM

Emergency Medicine
I believe in the importance of a good follow up plan and long term health management goals.
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Laurel Cushing Headshot

Laurel Cushing, MD

Infectious Disease
I strive to listen to my customers’ concerns in order to devise an appropriate diagnostic and treatment plan.
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