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North Memorial Health care teams–from generalists to specialists, nurse practitioners to physicians–believe in providing empowering healthcare. We help you match our knowledge to your needs for better health and well being.

Alexandra Steinbrueck headshot

Alexandra Steinbrueck, PhD, LP

Mental Health
My therapeutic approach involves helping customers change their thoughts and behaviors and adopt healthy coping strategies to enhance their productivity and satisfaction.
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Christine Goudge Headshot

Christine Goudge, MD

I will take care of you as I would my own family.
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Tracy Hartmann headshot

Tracy Hartmann, MD

Emergency Medicine
I strive to provide emergency care to all customers in a caring, timely and cost effective manner.
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Robert Deisz headshot

Robert Deisz, MD

Emergency Medicine
I feel it is important to communicate with customers and families in a way that helps relieve the stress of an ER visit.
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Cassi Deming Headshot

Cassie Deming, PA-C

I strive to be thorough and prioritize my customer’s individual care needs.
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Adrianne Bowen headshot

Adrianne L. Bowen, MD, FACS

I will spend the necessary time with you and your family at your appointments and in surgery to help provide the best care possible.
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Jessica Idahor Headshot

Jessica Idahor, DNP, APRN, FNP-C

I am caring, customer focused, and believe in proactive care solutions.
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Claes Oldenburg Headshot

C.E. Michael Oldenburg

Urgent Care
I strive to provide appropriate and timely medical care.
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Todd Barrett headshot

Todd Barrett, MD

Family Medicine
I assure that every customer and family has their questions fully answered and is informed to make key health decisions.
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Michael Grouws headshot

Michael Grouws, MD

Internal Medicine
I strive to help customers achieve their optimal health through education and encouragement.
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Richard Byakika Headshot

Richard L. Byakika, MD

Hospital Medicine
I promise to provide great care to the best of my ability.
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