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North Memorial Health care teams–from generalists to specialists, nurse practitioners to physicians–believe in providing empowering healthcare. We help you match our knowledge to your needs for better health and well being.

Michael Renier headshot

Michael A. Renier, DO

Family Medicine
I enjoy caring for customers throughout their lifespan.
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Karen Wyatt headshot

Karen Wyatt, MD

Emergency Medicine
I work to deliver exceptional service and compassionate care to all our emergency customers.
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Chike Obi Headshot

Chike Obi, MD

Heart & Vascular
I educate customers to make better decisions about their health.
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Andrew Wiechman Headshot

Andy J. Wiechman, APRN, CNP

Family Medicine
I build relationships with customers so we can develop achievable care plans together.
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Tommy Cho Headshot

Tom Cho, MD

Hospital Medicine
I collaborate with my customers to achieve their desired healthcare goals.
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Mayra Oberto-Medina, DO, FACR, CCD

I gain knowledge and insight with each customer interaction.
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Elizabeth Levin Headshot

Elizabeth Edlavitch Levin, MD

Cancer / Oncology
I am dedicated to providing a comprehensive, evidence-based model of care with compassion and honesty.
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Bridget Kosak headshot

Bridget Kosak, PA-C

Family Medicine
I have open communication and work together with customers to achieve health related goals.
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Gregory Vitas headshot

Gregory J. Vitas, MD, FACS

I strive to provide the best overall comprehensive services to my customers.
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Maria Ryan headshot

Maria C. Ryan, MD, CAQ

Sports Medicine
I care for customers of all ages – from elite athletes to weekend warriors and people trying to become active.
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Damon Cashman headshot

Damon Cashman, MD

Emergency Medicine
I strive to provide customers with excellent and compassionate emergency care.
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Amy Smith Headshot

Amy Smith, PA-C

Emergency Medicine
I strive to make the customer comfortable.
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