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Robotic Surgery

Thoracic Robotic Surgery: Strength in Numbers

North Memorial Health is improving the way thoracic surgery is done, and doing a lot more with less. That is: Less recovery time, less hospital time, less pain, less scarring, less blood loss. That’s the good you get from combining sophisticated robotic technology with an expert team.

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Affiliates & ACO Partners

At North Memorial Health, one of our most important values is maintaining great relationships. We are proud to partner with many of the finest primary care and specialty care provider practices in the Twin Cities. Many of our affiliates also partner with us in North Collaborative Care, our independent, not-for-profit Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Working together, we improve the quality of care for our community, provide great customer experience, and deliver high-quality, low-cost care to the customers we share and serve.

North Collaborative Care:

North Memorial Health

Multicare Associates of the Twin Cities

North Clinic

Northwest Family Physicians

Stellis Health

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Tools & Resources

Our go-to virtual file cabinet that helps you do your job right.

Request Transportation

Please note: This page is intended only for use of first responders and healthcare professionals requesting medical air or ground transportation for their customers. If you are a customer with a medical emergency, please dial 911.

North Memorial Health Ambulance Ground Transportation

  • To schedule ambulance transport or transfers, call 763-581-2897 or 1-800-667-8421.
  • For routine, special transportation by wheelchair van, call 763-581-2897 (Twin Cities).
  • General questions about North Memorial Health Air Care or Ambulance? Please email northambulance@northmemorial.com or call 763-581-9900 (all locations).

North Memorial Health Air Care Flight Transportation

  • For 24/7 Air Care response to any location in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and/or North and South Dakota, call 1-800-247-0229.

Ambulance & Air Transport Request Form

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Refer or Admit Customer

We’re honored to provide your customer with the best possible care.

Contacting North Memorial Health


24-hour physician consult line: 1-800-230-2413

  • For both emergency and non-urgent referrals.
  • We can also arrange transportation for your customer when necessary.

Direct Hospital Admissions: North Memorial Health Hospital
To schedule your direct admit, call 763-581-3871. Download our one-page Direct Admit Process Guide for quick reference.

  • From 06:00 to 20:00, direct admissions customers check in at the Ambulatory Surgery Center on Floor 1 of the hospital atrium.
  • After 20:00 on weekdays and on weekends, direct admit customers check in at the Emergency Department.
  • Please instruct customers to tell the triage nurse that they are arriving as a “direct admit.”

Specialty Referrals

To find or refer to a North Memorial Health-employed or affiliated specialist, use our Find a Doctor tool.

Useful Tools & Must Reads

Provider Guide
A comprehensive guide to North Memorial Health services and offerings.
Coming soon.

New Provider Orientation
Important information to help you find your way and understand the system at North Memorial Health.

New Provider Orientation PDF

Required Learning
How we create a safe and caring environment for our customers and team members.

Available downloads:

Library Services
North Memorial Health’s Medical Library supports the care, educational and research needs of providers, clinic staff, team members, customers and their families. Professional medical librarians are available to provide high-quality information resources and services for evidence-based decision making. Please feel free to contact us at 763-581-4740, or email library@northmemorial.com.

Apply for Privileges

The medical staff office at North Memorial Health provides credentialing and privileging for providers who care for customers at our hospitals, clinics and outpatient centers.

How to Apply:

North Memorial Health:
Contact the medical staff office at either medical.staff.office@northmemorial.com or by calling 763-581-4280 during business hours.

Maple Grove Hospital:
See Application Instructions

Key Contact Information

24/7 Physician Consult Line

Direct Admit Line

Air Care Dispatch Line

Emergency Department Fax

North Memorial Health Hospital Medical Staff Office: 763-581-4280

Provider Services: 763-581-0970 or email provider.services@northmemorial.com

Physician & Advanced Practice Recruitment Contacts

North Memorial Health Medical Library:
763-581-4740, or email library@northmemorial.com

Careers, Education, & Clinical Research

North Memorial Health prides itself on providing a welcoming, tight-knit professional atmosphere, and empowers its team members to arm themselves with the knowledge and know-how to continue and improve upon our already-superlative standards of care.

Professional Education

Our programs are approved by the Minnesota Medical Association (through the AMA) and the Wisconsin Nurses Association (through the ANCC), and meet standards set by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

North Memorial Health also seeks approval from other professional organizations for approved continuing education when programming is relevant for those groups.

Use our online registration tool to view detailed information about courses we offer.

Learn More about Professional Education

Career Opportunities

North Memorial Health is committed to offering every team member the opportunity for purposeful work, professional and personal growth, and positive change. Matching you with the right practice opportunity is important to us. Through a personalized recruitment experience, we will help you find a facility that supports your personal and professional goals.

Learn More about Career Opportunities

Clinical Research

Institutional Review Board:  Investigators who wish to conduct research at North Memorial Health Hospital or those affiliated with the hospital who wish to use the services of the North Memorial Health Hospital Investigational Review Board can download the application.

Learn More about Clinical Research

The Latest and Greatest News about North Memorial Health [See More] The Latest and Greatest News about North Memorial Health

New Procedure Can Replace Coumadin in Some Customers with Atrial Fibrillation

North Memorial Health cardiologists will soon offer an innovative one-time procedure that reduces the risk of stroke in non-valvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF) customers who are unable to tolerate long-term warfarin…

[Read more] about New Procedure Can Replace Coumadin in Some Customers with Atrial Fibrillation

Intensive Aphasia Program Now Offers Monthly Sessions

Our Intensive Aphasia Program (IAP) offers effective rehabilitation for stroke survivors with aphasia.

[Read more] about Intensive Aphasia Program Now Offers Monthly Sessions

Pain Relief: Radiofrequency Treatment for Chronic Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Customers suffering from knee pain due to osteoarthritis may now obtain relief through a non-surgical procedure called genicular nerve radiofrequency denervation.

[Read more] about Pain Relief: Radiofrequency Treatment for Chronic Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Meet the latest care team colleagues and co-pilots.

John Vukelich headshot

John Vukelich, MD

Mental Health
I put the customer first and am dedicated to providing exemplary care to all who entrust me with their care.
View Full Bioof Vukelich, John
Erin Tansey headshot

Erin Tansey, MD

I use an evidence-based approach to caring for customers with general psychiatric disorders.
View Full Bioof Tansey, Erin
Daniela Phillips headshot

Daniela Phillips, MD

Family Medicine
I use a collaborative approach with customers to find the best possible care for each and every one.
View Full Bioof Phillips, Daniela
Ryan Van Wyk headshot

Ryan C. Van Wyk, PsyD, LP

Mental Health
I believe that relationships, including those between therapist and customer, have the power to transform.
View Full Bioof Van Wyk, Ryan
Leslie Anunciacion headshot

Leslie Anunciacion, PA-C, MPH, MSPAS

Family Medicine
I have a holistic approach to providing comprehensive care.
View Full Bioof Anunciacion, Leslie
Steve Boswell Headshot

R. Stephen Boswell, MSW, LICSW

Mental Health
I help customers understand how their environment past and present contributes to the way they approach the world.
View Full Bioof Boswell, R. Stephen
Erica Gathje Headshot

Erica Gathje, MD

Family Medicine
I enjoy family medicine because it allows me to take care of the whole person emotionally, physically and mentally, throughout the age spectrum.
View Full Bioof Gathje, Erica
Allie Newhall Headshot

Allie Newhall, MS, CGC

Genetic Counselor
I strive to provide education and support to empower my customers and ensure they are in the driver’s seat.
View Full Bioof Newhall, Allie
Alysia Bemus Spear Headshot

Alysia Bemus Spear, MS, CGC

Genetic Counselor
I believe my customers need access to the most updated genetic information to be the most informed as they grow their family.
View Full Bioof Bemus Spear, Alysia
Lyla Veen Headshot

Lyla K. Veen, MD

I approach each customer as an individual and tailor my treatment plan to each individual’s unique history.
View Full Bioof Veen, Lyla
Laura Johnson headshot

Laura Johnson, PA-C

Emergency & Trauma
I enjoy meeting the unplanned healthcare needs of customers in a compassionate and efficient manner.
View Full Bioof Johnson, Laura
Onpan Cheung headshot

Onpan Cheung, MD, MPH

Gastroenterology / Digestive Health
I thrive to provide the best possible care for my customers.
View Full Bioof Cheung, Onpan
Damon Cashman headshot

Damon Cashman, MD

Emergency & Trauma
I strive to provide customers with excellent and compassionate emergency care.
View Full Bioof Cashman, Damon