Milk Depots

Breast Milk Depots

For various reasons, a mother may not always be able to produce breast milk for her baby. With breast milk depots at both North Memorial Health Hospital and Maple Grove Hospital women with an ample supply of breast milk can share that gift with an infant in need.

Mother and newborn

Program Overview

Second only to mother’s own breast milk, donated milk is a wonderful way for babies to receive the very best nutrition. Donor milk is often used as a bridge to help nourish premature babies until a birth mother’s milk comes in.

Locally-donated milk is safely screened and pasteurized by the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies and returned to babies of need in the surrounding communities. Donating moms are also put through a screening process and blood test before their milk is accepted into the program.

  • For information about how to become a milk donor, contact the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies (MnMBB) at 763-546-8051.
  • To purchase donor breast milk contact the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies during business hours.
  • Donor milk can be purchased, evenings, nights and weekends at North Memorial Health Hospital in Robbinsdale. Contact us at 763-581-8340.



How to Donate:

1. Contact the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies at 763-546-8051.

2. Complete a verbal screening about basic health and lifestyle questions.

3. Complete the written screening forms.

4. MnMBB will send you a kit, including information about getting blood testing done as required prior to donations – all paid for by the milk bank.

5. Your stored milk can be donated if approved by the screening process.

6. Call for an appointment to drop off your frozen milk.

  • North Memorial Health Hospital Lactation Office: 763-581-8340
  • Maple Grove Hospital Lactation Office: 763-581-2021