2021 Ralph Rossen Award of Nursing Excellence Winner


Each year, North Memorial Health Hospital awards the Ralph Rossen Award of Nursing Excellence to one team member. We are excited to announce Billy Kibitok, RN, as this year’s winner!

Congratulations, Billy!

“For Billy, nursing is his calling,” says Eileen Wolf, RN, who nominated him. “I have found him to consistently treat our patients with dignity and respect, plus strive to be innovative, flexible and to do his best for his patients. He is committed to North Memorial Health’s foundational goals, which is evident in his work. In return, both his patients and co-workers love him.”

Congratulations to Billy for standing out as an example of the care we all strive to provide! He has exemplified the remarkable, compassionate care of the late Dr. Ralph Rossen for whom the award is named. Dr. Ralph Rossen was a pioneer of mental health care reform in Minnesota and, like Billy, was committed to exceptional care for all.

Billy Kibitok, RN

Billy Kibitok, RN

Dr. Rossen's Legacy

While Dr. Rossen passed away in 1975, his legacy lives on throughout North Memorial and our entire state. To honor this memory, his family decided to work with North Memorial Health Foundation to create an annual award program that would support the hospital and recognize exceptional care.

His story is best told in the words of his late daughter, Arlene. This article was originally published in a 1996 hospital newsletter.

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