2023 Small Grant Winners


Each year, our care teams are invited to identify pressing needs they see every day in their work and share their solutions. The North Memorial Health Foundation’s Board of Directors comes together to discuss these requests and award small grants to financially support these critical projects.

These projects highlight the passion, dedication, and innovation of our teams. Taking the time to apply is not a part of their job requirements, but they choose to go above and beyond because they see a need and want to provide the best experience possible for their patients and community. This year, over $130,000 was awarded to fund 6 projects for 2023.

We are excited to announce the following grant projects for 2023:

  • Weapons Detection Technology at Robbinsdale Hospital
    The health and safety of our patients and team members is a top priority at North Memorial Health. In an effort to stay proactive and adapt to current market environments, we will install weapons screening technology at the hospital’s two main entrances.
  • Hospital Based Opioid Therapy Program
    This program will provide over 1400 opioid overdose, substance use, or opioid use patients with Naloxone kits at discharge.
  • Lactation Department at Maple Grove Hospital
    Maple Grove Hospital’s Lactation office will be refurnished to improve the patient experience and create a more welcoming environment for new mothers.
  • Community Health – Racial Disparities in Health or Life Impacting Traumas Summit
    Our Community Health team will have the opportunity to hold a Women of Color Breakfast and Health Fair at Robbinsdale Hospital and Maple Grove Hospital or an ACEs Summit in 2023.
  • Purchase of Halo Bassinests
    The Post-Partum team of Maple Grove Hospital’s Family Birth Center will purchase seven Halo Bassinests and increase the number of Bassinests from 11 to 18.
  • S5 Neuro Trauma Program
    S5 Neuro Trauma will purchase four pupilometers and sets of eye guards for patients to more accurately assess neurological deterioration.