North Memorial Ambulance’s Newest Technology


North Memorial Ambulance EMTs and paramedics are the first in Minnesota to use the latest software designed to help calculate appropriate medication dosages for children. Since children come in a wide array of different sizes and weights, determining the right dose of medication can be complicated and time consuming.

The new system is loaded onto electronic tablets which allow first responders to make adjustments quickly and easily while in the field. The software is made by Handtevy – a company that specializes in creating solutions for pediatric resuscitation.

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“Fortunately we don’t get kids who are extremely sick very often, but when we do they need help very fast,” said Dr. John Lyng, medical director for North Memorial Ambulance and Air Care. “Any type of condition for a child that you can think of we are able to treat more effectively now.”

North Memorial used to rely on paper materials, which made it more difficult to quickly calculate proper dosages of medicine. With the new technology all the information is available on each emergency person’s electronic tablet. This new technology is being used in North Memorial ambulances and helicopter, and we are hoping to eventually integrate it into the hospital as well.