North Memorial Health Announces New Technology to Show Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Digitally


North Memorial Health today announced the availability of a new technology from Epic, a healthcare software company, that allows patients to more easily show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or lab testing results in a digital format, reducing the need to rely on a printed vaccine card which can be easily lost or damaged. North Memorial Health was the first health system in Minnesota to offer this technology to its patients. The technology will be integrated into patients’ MyChart and meets the national SMART Health Card standard. The digital verification can be read by the human eye and is machine readable. The technology was implemented on September 2, 2021 and is effective immediately.

To use the new vaccine credential technology, North Memorial Health patients can log in to their MyChart portal through their internet browser or MyChart mobile app and then can click the COVID-19 tab which will produce a QR code with their vaccine or testing status. Patients also will have the option to download a pdf version, along with email access.

“As the communities across the state battle the surge related the delta variant, demand is growing for more tools to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” said Brad Newton, Chief Information Officer at North Memorial Health. “We’re excited to offer this digital credential to our patients as an easy way to share their vaccine status when traveling and for day-to-day use with employers, businesses and others.”

This is an interoperable tool built to a national standard. A machine reader with the SMART Health Card specifications will be able to read any COVID-related credential built to the SMART Health Card specifications, including Epic’s. This will make it easier for patients to travel across the country, especially those who are visiting locations with vaccination requirements in place such as New York and California.

“This technology provides a real-time data exchange with other COVID-19-related credentials built into the SMART Health Card standard, including almost all state credentialing systems,” said Nick Frenzer, Implementation Executive at Epic. “Currently approximately 82 million Americans have access to the credential through their MyChart, with 100 million estimated to have access in a few months. We expect use of the credential to grow as business and government vaccination requirements increase throughout the country.”

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