North Memorial Health Launches New Virtual Care Services to Support Patient Health and Safety


(Robbinsdale, MN – May 14, 2020) North Memorial Health has added new ways for patients to connect with their doctor by offering more virtual care options to help keep people safer and as part of a continued mission to empower people to achieve their best health. Over the past month, North Memorial Health has introduced virtual doctor’s visits for many primary care services to treat acute and chronic medical conditions, as well as hospice services and a variety of specialty care services including Mental Health, Heart and Vascular, Pain Management and others.

“We’ve moved quickly to offer virtual visits,” said Jennifer Close, CEO of North Memorial Health Clinic. “Technology is allowing us to provide quality healthcare in a safer, more convenient way and we’ve received extremely positive responses from patients using virtual care services. They like that they can actually see their doctor or provider during the visit, and it’s convenient as well. Our providers can address many healthcare concerns online, and they can also assess whether someone needs to be seen in-person which reduces everyone’s risk.”

North Memorial Health recommends that people consider virtual care for conditions that can be described to a provider and assessed visually. Online appointments are often appropriate for people with acute care needs such as flu or virus symptoms, allergies, minor muscle ailments, or those requiring mental health assessment or support services. Patients who prefer to see a provider in person may continue to do so at North Memorial Health Clinic locations.

Close added, “It’s also a great way to facilitate important follow-up appointments after discharge from our Urgent Care or Emergency Departments, including people recovering from COVID-19.”

For Medicare or Medicaid patients who may be new to using virtual care or may need help using this technology for the first time, North Memorial Health Community Paramedics are available to help set up initial services and initiate online visits. This additional assistance from North Memorial Health is beneficial for people who are less familiar with technology or unsure whether they have the appropriate technology to support virtual services.

“The fact that we were able to introduce virtual care services in such a short time is a testament to our ability to rapidly adapt to a changing dynamic, a changing industry and a changing world.” Close said.  We plan to continue providing virtual care as a convenient option long after the pandemic is over.”

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