North Memorial Launches Tailored Health Programs


by Andre Eggert, Twin Cities Business

North Memorial Health Care is launching new medical services with an eye toward convenience for busy and demanding patients.

The programs, together known as “Premiere Health” services, include a 24/7 patient access program and a packaged physical exam tailored toward business executives with hectic lives.

“Our Premiere Health services provide comprehensive medical assessments and care to meet each customer’s unique needs,” Dr. Wendy Shear, medical director at Minnetonka Medical Center, said in a statement.

Premier Health’s on-call service is called Concierge Medicine. The program provides access to a primary care physician at all hours of the day through phone, email or text; same-day scheduling; calls answered by the doctor or their staff and integrated specialist care.

The other new program is Executive Health, which provides busy executives a way to get a report card on their health, including a physic exam, lab tests, stress ECHO exams, nutrition consultation and a fitness exam, among other items.

North Memorial offers both programs at its Minnetonka Medical Center. A limited version of the Executive Health screening is available at the North Memorial clinic in downtown Minneapolis.

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