Important Update: Closure of Outpatient Mental Health Clinic and Services

North Memorial Health is closing outpatient Mental Health Services effective August 30, 2024. This includes the Mental Health Services Center in Robbinsdale and any Mental Health Services offered within primary care.

We understand this may cause concern, and we want to assure you that your care remains our top priority throughout this transition. We are fully committed to continuing to provide you with the care and support you need until August 30, and we are actively working to find new care options for you.

Please check this page regularly for new information as we manage this transition.

Page last updated June 7, 2024.

Moving Forward

Here are steps to ensure your transition is smooth:

  1. Make an appointment
    If you are receiving psychiatric care or medication management through our clinic, we encourage you to schedule appointments with us before August 16. If you require refills and do not have an appointment scheduled, please contact our office promptly at 763-581-5372. Work with your Mental Health provider about a transition plan and how to prepare if there is a break or delay between providers.
  2. Review your insurance plan
    Call the back of your insurance card to inquire about your provider network.
  3. Review our list of community partners accepting new patients
    We are in conversations with partners throughout the community to support patients in transitioning their outpatient care. We will do absolutely everything we can to support the transition of care.
  4. Anticipate potential delays
    Knowing that availability can change quickly, we recommend that you begin contacting other providers to prepare for the transition of your care.

Local Support and Resources

Below is a list of community providers with current availability to schedule new appointments.


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