Grief & Loss Support

Open: Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Center for Loss and Healing Bereavement Program

Most of us will experience grief at some point in our lives following the death of a loved one. While grief is made up of intense emotional and physical reactions, how we react will be different for each of us. When we share and connect with others who have also experienced grief, this common ground can often help us heal, make us feel less alone and even inspire us to help others. When it seems like everything is falling apart, we are here to help you try to put some of the pieces back together to work toward a new normal.


The North Memorial Health Advantage

The hospice bereavement team is committed to helping those grieving during the initial 13 months following the death of your loved one. Along with providing helpful resources, we offer support through grief groups, individual counseling, workshops and commemorative events aimed to assist in your journey toward healing. Participants in these programs will have the opportunity to:

  • Tell their story in a compassionate, safe environment
  • Understand the effects of grief emotionally and physically
  • Connect with others seeking support
  • Find new ways to manage their grief and to seek joy
  • Discover ways to adapt to life without their loved one

The free supportive services we offer are available to friends and family of our current and former hospice patients.

For more information, contact Tara Parrish, Program Coordinator, North Memorial Health Center for Loss and Healing at or 763-581-9681.

Consider supporting this donation-based program.


About Our Program

Meet Our Grief Counselor

Tara Parrish, North Memorial Hospice’s grief counselor“Hi, my name is Tara Parrish, and I’m North Memorial Health Hospice’s grief counselor. My work focuses on helping you process your complicated emotions, keeping memories alive and embracing the next stage of your life. If you’re feeling weighed down by your grief and loss, come talk to me. We’ll get through it together.”

Contact Tara at 763-581-9681 or

One-on-One Counseling

If you prefer a private counseling setting, appointments are available for up to 13 months to speak with a grief counselor either in person or online through Zoom.

For more information on groups and one-on-one counseling, please contact Tara Parrish, Program Coordinator, North Memorial Health Center for Loss and Healing at or 763-581-9681.

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Grief Support Groups

Grief support groups are hosted throughout the year and are free of charge. Groups offer a supportive setting to share your experience, develop coping skills, and learn about loss. Participants should be at least two months beyond the death of their loved one before registering.

Immediate Support

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis and need someone to talk to, call: