North Memorial Health Connect

North Memorial Health Connect 3500 France Ave Ste. 101 Robbinsdale, MN 55422
Open: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

NMH Connect: Monitor and Protect

We’re on alert, so you don’t have to be. North Memorial Health Connect is a device and service that helps you and your loved ones maintain both independence and peace of mind. Monitoring and automatic calls if you fall, help at the push of a button, medication management assistance, and local, timely customer service make North Memorial Health Connect a way to keep you in touch, in control, and on your feet.

North Memorial Connect device

The North Memorial Health Advantage

North Memorial Health Connect medical alert and medication management services provide:

  • Independence in your own home.
  • Peace of mind for you and family members to know help is available at the push of a button.
  • Cellular, landline-based and GPS options
  • Automatic fall-detection service that calls if you fall.
  • Local installers and customer support when needed.
  • North Memorial Health Connect devices are registered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Services are covered by private pay and most Medical Assistance Waiver plans. Check with your insurance agent or waiver program case manager for coverage details.

Home-based Medical Alert Units

Confidence that you’re safe at home.

  • Landline users: Tunstall Vi+ base unit provides 24/7 emergency access to highly trained response agents at the touch of a button. Optional fall detection available.
  • Cell phone users: Tunstall CEL MXD base unit provides identical emergency response and monitoring services, and optional fall detection—no landline service required.
  • Either unit comes with a choice between personal Help Button pendants.


Mobile-based Emergency Response Systems

Wherever you go, there we are.

  • Mobile-mate: One-button access, two-way voice communication, GPS capabilities, and optional fall detection.
  • Belle: One-button access, two-way voice communication, 911 backup assist with your location.


Pre-programmed Medication Management System

Take meds on time with our auto-unlocking, timed medication dispensers.

  • MedMinder: User-friendly 7-day, 28-unit device unlocks at pre-programmed times. Customize audio and visual reminders, too.

For more information, call 763-581-3911 or email