Courage for the Journey

SafeJourney is saving lives with its free, confidential, hospital-based domestic abuse program. Instead of wondering why you stay, we offer respect for your timeline. Instead of judgment, we offer options. Instead of hopelessness, we offer legal, financial, shelter and support resources. We work with you to develop a safety plan, and help you feel empowered, believed, and encouraged. This is not your fault.

Call the Minnesota Domestic Violence Crisis Line

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The Support That Keeps You Safe

  • SafeJourney provides patients with domestic violence support.
  • A SafeJourney social worker will assist in developing a personalized safety plan which could include: safe housing/shelter referrals, legal resources and referrals for order for protection
  • Information and resources for community support and education will also be provided by a SafeJourney social worker

SafeJourney Support Services

To get help, contact the Minnesota Domestic Violence Crisis Line at 1-866-223-1111.

List of Services

Connection to Domestic Abuse Community Resources

Education on Children's Safety & Resources

Individual Safety Planning for Every Client

Provide Resources for Order for Protection

Provide Patient Resources for Support Groups & Counseling


There is no holding me back now. Only wish I would have left a lot sooner.

- 68-Year-Old Patient
who after nearly 50 years of marriage, left her husband

Am I not entitled to be happy?

- 28-Year-Old Patient
trying to get away get away from her abuser

It saved me…somebody could hear me, it was a miracle for me.

- SafeJourney Patient