763-581-3942 (SafeJourney Office)
763-581-3942 (SafeJourney Office)
Open: Mon - Fri from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m./Referral Phone: 763-581-3940

Courage for the Journey

SafeJourney is saving lives with its free, confidential, hospital-based domestic abuse advocacy program. Instead of wondering why you stay, we offer respect for your timeline. Instead of judgment, we offer options. Instead of hopelessness, we offer legal, financial, shelter and support resources. We work with you to develop a safety plan, and help you feel empowered, believed, and encouraged. This is not your fault.

Call our Advocacy Referral Line


For after hours, please contact the Minnesota Domestic Violence Crisis Line at 1-866-223-1111.
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The Support That Keeps You Safe

  • SafeJourney provides customers and community members with domestic violence advocacy support. A caring, trained volunteer advocate—not a recording—will be at your bedside within 30 minutes of a referral, and can answer any questions you may have after you’ve left our care.
  • You do not have to be a customer to access SafeJourney. All our services are free and confidential for anyone who reaches out.
  • A SafeJourney social worker will assist in developing a personalized safety plan which could include: safe housing/shelter referrals, legal resources, referrals for order for protection, information and referrals per request for ongoing community resources, support and education.
  • Almost all of our clients implement a safety plan after meeting with a SafeJourney advocate that is unique to their situation. Finding safety can be a long road. SafeJourney is here to help each step of the way.

SafeJourney Support Services

To get help, please call the SafeJourney Advocacy/Referral Line: 763-581-3940.

List of Services

Connection to Professional Pro Bono Services and Community Resources

Documentation & Photograph of Injury

Education on Children's Safety & Resources

Individual Safety Planning for Every Client

Referrals for an Order for Protection

Ongoing Support and Education

Safe Housing Referral

Weekly Support Groups & Individual Counseling

Follow Up Services


There is no holding me back now. Only wish I would have left a lot sooner.

- 68 Year Old Customer
who after nearly 50 years of marriage, left her husband

Everyone I came in contact with at North Memorial had very positive comments about SafeJourney, from the nurses to the doctor and even the uniformed guard I spoke with. They recognize the advocate and seem to be very impressed with SafeJourney.

- SafeJourney Volunteer Advocate

Am I not entitled to be happy?

- 28 Year Old Customer
trying to get away get away from her abuser, now attending SafeJourney support group

She was so thankful I believed her. I asked if I could hug her and she held on. She told me she felt an angel was sent tonight.

- SafeJourney Volunteer Advocate

It’s amazing how invested the women in group are to each other. It is so nice to see them grow and change, as well as help them through setbacks. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity.

- Support Group Facilitator

It saved me…somebody could hear me, it was a miracle for me.

- SafeJourney Customer