Cutting Edge Spine Surgery

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October 1, 2019

When spine surgery is the best solution for your customer, consider North Memorial Health’s expert surgeons equipped with the most advanced tools and technology.

Next-Gen Neurosurgical OTS has arrived

North Memorial Health Hospital has the most advanced neurosurgical optical tracking system (OTS) available with two new StealthStation S8s and O2 O-arms. Ideal for spinal, cranial and ENT procedures, the system creates a fluid, precise surgical experience with clear 3-D visualization and surgical navigation that minimizes surgeon and staff radiation exposure.

The StealthStation S8 technology features a new user interface with intuitive software workflows and advanced visualization tools. The new system helps guide planning and approach prior to and during surgery, letting the surgeon create, store and simulate progression along one or more trajectories to minimize approach-related complications. From planning the incision to placing an implant, in areas from cervical to iliac, and from percutaneous to open approaches, surgeons are equipped with precise instruments and implant tracking.

Benefits include:

  • Shorter operative times
  • More precise incision resulting in less pain and a shorter recovery
  • Minimized approach-related complications
  • Increased surgical safety profile


To offer a range of neurosurgery services from emergent and trauma care to elective spine procedures, North Memorial Health partners with Metropolitan Neurosurgery, Kim Neurosurgery, Twin Cities Orthopedics and Summit Orthopedics.
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