Hospice Care During COVID-19

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February 24, 2021

Even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the North Memorial Health Hospice teams approach in designing personalized hospice plans has remained our priority, so each person may live with dignity. COVID-19 has changed some of the ways we deliver hospice services, particularly in congregate care facilities, where about 30% of our hospice patients currently reside. Our team has taken steps to keep our hospice patients as safe and comfortable as possible, whether they’re in congregate care or at home.

  • We use technology to facilitate family conferences, minimizing exposure and risk, yet ensuring families are well informed and part of the hospice journey.
  • We provide rapid COVID-19 testing to avoid unnecessary delays when patients need to move into a new facility.
  • Team members use masks and eye shields at every appointment.
  • Our team members are tested routinely for COVID-19 if they’re entering long-term care facilities.
  • We practice social distancing, use PPE at all appointments and screen patients for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • We activated plans so our hospice team members receive priority vaccination for COVID-19, keeping them and our patients safe.

We continue to rank above national benchmarks related to overall care, and willingness to recommend our care to others. Patients are supported physically, emotionally and spiritually while we help with every aspect of life, from grief counseling to 24/7 nursing services.

To refer a patient to our hospice program, call 763-581-8181.