Mazor X: Best-in-class Spine Surgical Navigation

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January 10, 2020

Precision and predictability in the operating room are critical, especially with complex spine cases. That’s why North Memorial Health continues to add cutting edge tools, such as the new Mazor X robotic guidance platform, which delivers on both. Paired with the StealthStation S8, the Mazor X ensures precise trajectory guidance for spinal surgical procedures, including multi-level spine fusions as well as correcting degenerative spine disease, spine deformity and cervical degeneration.

The stability and accuracy of the Mazor X robotic-guided execution and real-time visualization enable a predictable procedure with no anatomical surprises.

Used in open, minimally invasive and percutaneous procedures at North Memorial Health Hospital, the Mazor X navigation tracks the position of instruments during spinal surgery, in relation to the surgical anatomy, and identifies their position on diagnostic or intraoperative images of a customer. Sophisticated 3D analytics and virtual tools allow the surgeon to create a “surgical blueprint” prior to the case. The Mazor X utilizes CT images to navigate spine locations, precisely aligning drills and placing pedicle screws.

The Mazor X robotic guidance platform ensures precise guidance for spinal surgical procedures like:

  • Multi-level spine fusion
  • Degenerative spine disease correction
  • Spine deformity correction
  • Cervical degeneration correction

As the second hospital in the Twin Cities to utilize the Mazor X, North Memorial Health Hospital is delivering leading edge spinal surgery. Our program partners with Metropolitan Neurosurgery, Kim Neurosurgery, Twin Cities Orthopedics and Summit Orthopedics. To learn more, visit