Research-level Cancer Treatment in a Caring Environment

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November 30, 2021

A 55 year old African American woman wearing a headscarf video calls on her smartphone as she sits in her living room.North Memorial Health Cancer Center provides the highest care and access to the latest technological treatments and clinical trials. In addition to our top-rated team, our patients experience a multitude of advantages.

  • We are the third-largest oral, head and neck cancer practice in Minnesota.
  • Patients receive chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments in our private rooms.
  • Our Cancer Center is one of the only in Minnesota to perform advanced (and much less invasive) robotic lung-cancer surgery.
  • We have trained genetic counselors available for families seeking information about their cancer risks.
  • Our Specialty Center Pharmacy offers personalized counseling, on-site infusion and retail pharmacy services within the Cancer Center.
  • We partner with Minneapolis Radiation Oncology for radiation treatments (including stereo-tactic radiation) designed to deliver the best possible outcome of each patient.

Advanced Cancer Treatments

North Memorial Cancer Center provides unique treatments designed to treat many of the most prevalent and aggressive types of cancers.

Optune LuaTM

We are one of only two providers in the Twin Cities to offer Optune LuaTM for the treatment of locally advanced or metastatic, malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) together with standard chemotherapy. The first FDA-approved treatment for MPM in over 15 years, Optune LuaTM delivers a continuous treatment of TTFields (electric fields that disrupt cancer cell division) through a wearable, portable device. We also offer OptuneTM to treat glioblastoma.

Photodynamic Therapy

As part of our commitment to offering the latest and best treatments, our Pulmonary and Medical Oncology teams offer photodynamic therapy (PDT) for the treatment of certain lung cancers. PDT is a two-stage treatment that combines a photosensitizer drug with light energy, with the goal of destroying both cancerous and precancerous cells in the lung. The effects of PDT can last for days post-treatment and provides a much deeper treatment than others.

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