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February 24, 2021

North Memorial Health is not only the largest hospital-based air and ground service in the country, it is now the only medical transport company to have an Advanced Aviation Training Device (flight simulator) and high-fidelity EMS Simulation Center. Customized training and tracking of training hours mean that flight crews gain valuable training experience, which results in the best care and experience for patients.

More than just a flight simulator, the Sim Center is part of an integrated and comprehensive emergency medicine training facility that allows emergency medical personnel to practice their skills under simulated field conditions. It brings together ambulance teams and hospital-based emergency medicine teams to do cross-training and practice critical and sensitive transfers.

Air Care at a Glance:

  • Located across seven bases, we fly nine Agusta 109 helicopters, the fastest civilian helicopter on the market.
  • Our twin-engine helicopters are equipped with Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HATWS), Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and on-board color radar to track weather.
  • Our pilots are trained to use Instrument Flight Rules that allow them access to the same Air Traffic Control systems that commercial airlines use.
  • Our high-quality training and economies of scale translates into more efficient care, allowing us to offer the best care in the air at a lower cost. In fact, on average we are 50% less than the national market.

Our flight simulator and Sim Center is one example of how we’re committed to leading the way in air care for you and your patients.

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