Medical Service Estimates

North Memorial Health helps empower customers to make meaningful price comparisons prior to receiving care and understand how much a particular medical service or treatment costs.

If you are looking for the cost of a procedure or healthcare visit, North Memorial Health will provide an estimate of payment for you from your health insurance plan. Estimates provided represent the average charge for services and member liability based on available insurance information at the time of estimate. Always confirm out of pocket costs and fees directly with your insurance provider.

How to Receive a Cost Estimate:

Billing estimates are now available through MyChart. To get started, you can complete an online estimate either as a guest or signed into MyChart.


Or, call North Memorial Health at 763-581-0960, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to begin the estimate process.

Health Insurance

If You Have Health Insurance: North Memorial Health participates in many insurance plans and will bill any insurance company on your behalf. Because health insurance plan payments vary and benefit levels are unique to each plan, you may confirm out of pocket cost with your insurance carrier by calling the number on the back of your insurance card.
If You Do Not Have Health InsuranceNorth Memorial Health offers payment arrangements, financial assistance or an uninsured discount to patients experiencing difficulty paying their medical bills.

Extended Payment Plan

North Memorial Health, in partnership with ClearBalance®, offers an affordable, zero-interest patient financing program with flexible repayment terms to help consumers pay out-of-pocket hospital expenses, including deductibles and insurance copayments. The ClearBalance program features reasonable, flexible repayment terms.

Low monthly payment

  • Zero-interest revolving credit account
  • No annual fees or prepayment penalties
  • Making payments is simple — online, check, credit card or phone

We make it simple

  • Easy enrollment and no application
  • Consolidate existing account balances into one easy statement for you and other dependent family members.
  • For more information call 763- 581-4980

Learn More

Revolving credit accounts are offered by MetaBank, member FDIC. ClearBalance is a registered service mark of CSI Financial Services, LLC, which provides certain account servicing functions for the bank.

Health System Charges

Hospital Charges

North Memorial Health is committed to full transparency of health care pricing information. Included below are links to the average charges by Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) and standard charges for procedures and supplies at both North Memorial Health Hospital and Maple Grove Hospital. These charges are not what customers will be required to pay, but rather the amount that gets billed to insurance. Hospitals rarely get reimbursed the full charge amount. Private health insurers negotiate payment rates for their health plan participants and the state and federal governments set payment rates for those on public programs. If you do not have health insurance, there are financial assistance options available for those who qualify.

For a timely and accurate estimate of out-of-pocket costs for services, please use the price estimator tool above.

The links below include average charges by Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) which is a methodology used to categorize inpatient services. Each DRG has a weighted payment based on the average resources used to treat Medicare patients in that DRG.


Click here for the standard charges for services, supplies and pharmaceuticals at North Memorial Health Hospital and Maple Grove Hospital for the 2020 calendar year.

Primary Care Pricing Information

In accordance with Minnesota Statutes §62J.812, listed in the button below are the top 25 most frequently billed clinical services at North Memorial Health primary care clinics over $25, including 10 evaluation and management visit types, 10 preventive visit types and 5 additional frequently billed procedures at North Memorial Health.

The pricing information included is not what a customer will be expected to pay if they have health insurance. For specific information on the amount you will be expected to pay for services, contact your health insurance company. If you do not have health insurance, the self-pay charge is an estimated rate and you may be eligible for discounts. Please see above for Medical Service Estimates or visit the North Memorial Health Financial Assistance webpage for additional details on financial assistance. Please contact the Business Office with questions at 763-581-4480 or 1-866-358-2644, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.

Primary Care Pricing Information


Facility Fees

Specialty services delivered at certain off-campus locations in the North Memorial Health System are considered a part of North Memorial Health Hospital and may include a facility fee as part of a hospital outpatient department. Depending on your health insurance coverage, you may be responsible for additional out-of-pocket expenses due to the facility fee. The best way to understand what you will owe for your visit is to call your health insurance company or the NMH Business Office.

Specific off-campus locations that may include a facility fee for specialty services include:
– North Memorial Health Cancer Center – Robbinsdale
– North Memorial Health Specialty Center – Robbinsdale
– North Memorial Health Heart and Vascular Institute – Maple Grove and Minnetonka
– North Memorial Health Rehab Clinic – Maple Grove
– North Memorial Health Sleep Medicine Clinic – Maple Grove