A Simple Guide to Healthy Eating

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March 30, 2017
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Spring is here and with it comes an increased exposure to extra calories by way of tempting treats at picnics, parties and barbecues. With a little planning ahead, you can still treat yourself to some tasty summer food without starving yourself to make up for it.

Healthy Eating Guide

For many, planning celebrations and gatherings includes skipping meals on any given day to ‘save up’ calories in anticipation of what we may eat.

Unfortunately, evidence shows food deprivation behaviors often have the opposite desired outcome. Skipping meals frequently leads to making poor food choices and eating much more during meals than the body needs to maintain health.

Plan Your Plate Around the Date

  • Exercise early in the day to increase your body’s ability to metabolize food.
  • Bring a healthy dish to share at holiday parties, like a fresh veggie tray, fresh cut fruit or shrimp cocktail.
  • Survey the buffet for favorites and plan to skip your least favorites.
  • Use a smaller plate to keep food portions modest – sampling everything isn’t required.
  • Make a single trip to allow more control over calorie intake.
  • Savor each bite by setting aside 15 – 20 minutes for finishing your plate. This will allow the stomach to signal a feeling of being full or satisfied with food intake.
  • Invite friends and family on a walk or physical game after the meal.

Applying small tweaks to daily activity and eating habits can impact overall health for the better over time.

You can learn more about balancing your specific dietary and exercise needs from our registered dietitians and nutrition counseling care team by scheduling an appointment.

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