2022 BIPOC Mental Health Academic Scholarship Recipient


We are thrilled to announce the winner of our 2022 BIPOC Mental Health Academic Scholarship: Ulysses Izaola!

2022 BIPOC Mental Health Academic Scholarship Recipient Ulysses Izaola

Ulysses, a Twin Cities native, has an inspiring story of perseverance and dedication to improving mental health care for underserved communities.

Ulysses is currently pursuing a doctorate in Psychology at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, where he believes he is gaining the knowledge, skills, and resources that he will need to serve the community.

“I am continually learning cultural humility,” Ulysses says of his studies. “I know that I will never fully understand everything about a person, even if they are similar to me. They have the right to be who they are, and I have a moral responsibility to understand their needs and honor their perspectives.”

This beautiful sentiment and deep wisdom make us eager to see where Ulysses will go from here with his studies and practice. His dedication to making a positive impact in the mental health community is an inspiration to us all. We are honored and excited to support him, and we know that the gift he is and will be to our community greatly outweighs this scholarship.

Congratulations Ulysses, we are looking forward to seeing all the great things you will accomplish!

North Memorial Health is committed to best supporting the health of the diverse community we serve and recognize that access to care providers who represent and reflect those individuals is essential to their wellbeing. In support of this need, North Memorial Health Foundation is excited to provide scholarships for students of color enrolled in a mental health graduate program in Minnesota.