Help Protect Robbinsdale Hospital


The community has counted on our Level I Trauma hospital for decades, which serves as a “Safety Net” hospital without the benefit of any official designation that brings funding. We are seeking support for our request for ongoing financial assistance to respond to the rising number of Medicare and Medicaid patients. This is not just about balancing budgets—it’s about safeguarding the essence of care and humanity that our hospital relentlessly provides. The patients who walk through our doors depend on us for more than just medical attention. They trust us with their well-being, their futures.

Pie chart at seventy-four percent

Medicare and Medicaid patients at Robbinsdale Hospital

Well above MN average


Hennepin County funding support + Legislative action to pass HF 3943/SF 3838

Robbinsdale Hospital has managed the loss alone for decades but can no longer afford it without public funding.

$100 million

in projected losses by 2025

Community at risk for becoming a Care “Desert”

Forcing a reduction in services in an area that needs more, not less access to healthcare

Bar chart showing finances trending down

A community that rallies together, stays together.

Show your support by sending a message to Hennepin County Commissioners, the decision-makers who have the power to allocate funding to support our hospital and urge them to provide North Memorial Health with adequate funding.


Legislative action to pass HF 3943/SF 3838

This will allow North Memorial Health to leverage available federal healthcare dollars. These dollars, available under the Medicaid Directed Payment program, are designed to help hospitals overburdened with insufficient government reimbursements, like those from Medicare and Medicaid.


There are 249 Medicaid directed payment programs, 93 being hospital-specific programs and active across 40 states.

Minnesota has one approved program, for Hennepin Healthcare to support Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC).

Approval of a North payment program won’t impact other programs.

Supporting state legislation with the commitment of local funding opens the door for North Memorial Health to tap into federal program dollars. An appropriate injection of funds would tremendously help serve the needs provided by Robbinsdale Hospital, a vital part of North Memorial Health’s mission.