North Memorial Health Fully Opens All Clinics – What to Expect At Your Next Appointment


(Robbinsdale, MN – June 11, 2020) ― North Memorial Health Clinic welcomes and encourages virtual and in-person care at all its locations. Our primary care and specialty care clinics are now fully open and provide many options to ensure Minnesotans are getting the care they need to ensure their health and well-being.

What to expect at your next in-person medical appointment

North Memorial Health has implemented safety and convenience measures to provide patients with confidence in the quality of the care they receive and the safety of the clinic environment for those who choose or need to receive care in-person.

Physical space and operational changes:

  • Staggered appointment times to minimize overlap
  • One-way human traffic flows entering and exiting the clinic
  • Spaced waiting room experience and signage reminders to ensure social distancing

Patient experience changes:

  • Continued mandatory masking (masks provided if needed)
  • Temperature and symptoms monitoring screening when entering clinics
  • Piloting MyChart’s Hello Patient feature, available through the MyChart Mobile app, that will allow patients to check-in from cars (expected to be fully implemented at this summer)

Patients can expect to see friendly reminders throughout the clinic to remind and reinforce the healthy behaviors that will enhance their safety and wellbeing. For example, to educate on social distancing, signs indicate, “Social distance? No prob-llama,” illustrating that an adult llama is 6 feet long with a graphic of a llama standing between two masked individuals. Another sign  shows a person caped as a superhero, with accompanying text “Feeling super? You’ll still be screened.”

“Safety has always been paramount to everything we do,” said Jennifer Close, chief executive officer, North Memorial Health Clinic. “We know there is a lot of fear and uncertainty around seeking medical care, and we want Minnesotans to know that North Memorial Health is here for them, offering virtual and in-person care options in the safest and convenient ways possible. We don’t want people to put off getting the care they need. We hope our approach and signage help them adjust to the “new normal” of in-person care more easily and puts smiles on their faces during these challenging times.”

Virtual care options will continue to always be a way to provide quality healthcare in a safer, more convenient way. North Memorial Health recommends that people consider virtual care for conditions that can be described to a provider and assessed visually. Online appointments are often appropriate for people with acute care needs such as flu or virus symptoms, allergies, minor muscle ailments or those requiring mental health assessment or support services.

Patients may seek out initial consultations through virtual care or can contact North Memorial Health with questions at 763-520-5200.

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