North Memorial Health Offers COVID-19 Antibody Test Direct to Consumers


(Robbinsdale, MN – September 9, 2020) — North Memorial Health is now offering the Siemens SARS CoV-2 total antibody test direct to consumers. One of the most accurate tests of its kind, the SARS CoV-2 test can detect antibodies that may be present due to a previous COVID-19 infection. Positive tests are 96.5% accurate, while negative tests report with 100% accuracy as long as the test is performed at least 14 days after the onset of symptoms.

Serology antibody testing

“Unlike some other antibody tests, the new SARS CoV-2 total antibody test provides a more definitive result for anyone who suspects they may have had COVID-19,” said Carolyn Ogland, MD, Chief Medical Officer at North Memorial Health. “It’s important to note that positive results do not indicate immunity from the virus. However, the test does provide information that can empower people to make better decisions around their health, particularly as we learn more about the long-term effects of the disease.”

While a positive result does not imply immunity to COVID-19, it can confirm that someone has had exposure to the virus and may qualify them as a donor for convalescent blood plasma therapy for COVID-19. The new antibody test is available at two sites and does not require a provider referral. The cost of the test is $53 and may not be covered by insurance.

“Providing broader community access to testing services is one of the best tools we have in fighting the spread of COVID-19,” said Ogland. “Empowering consumers with information is another way to help mitigate the impacts of the virus. Remember, since we don’t yet know how and when people develop immunity to COVID-19 it’s important to always practice good safety measures like wearing a mask in public spaces, frequent handwashing and social distancing.”

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  • The serology antibody test is $53.
  • Schedule an appointment and pay for the test online through MyChart.
    • You will need a North Memorial Health MyChart Account to schedule an appointment. If you don’t have a North Memorial Health MyChart account, you can sign up online.
  • Results will be available through your North Memorial Health MyChart within two to three days.

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