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Instructions for a Life Well-Lived

We may not be able to see into the future, but we can plan for it. When you use Advance Care Planning to document your healthcare wishes and needs, you stay in the driver’s seat for your own healthcare, no matter what happens. We provide the roadmap – you do the steering.

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North Memorial Health Advantage

  • North Memorial Health Advance Care Planning will help you write a legal document called a Healthcare Directive – also known as advance directive or living will – which contains your goals and wishes for your healthcare, and often designates a Healthcare Agent who will speak for you if you are unable to speak for yourself.
  • You can schedule an appointment with one of our 90 specially trained advance care planning facilitators who will meet with you in either of our two hospitals, our primary care clinics, the North Memorial Health Cancer Center, or any of our North Memorial Health Heart & Vascular locations.
  • We have a system-wide process which makes it easy to access information and get help with completing important documents.
  • Advance Care Planning and completion of healthcare directives are associated with better customer/provider communication, greater customer satisfaction, and better wish fulfillment – plus, it eases the burden on family members to make decisions for your care.

Groups & Classes

Get the support and education you need to live your best life. Consider this care beyond the clinic walls.

Healthcare Directives Seminar

Topics: Advance Care Planning

Locations: Maple Grove Hospital

Who would speak for you if you were unable to speak for yourself? A Healthcare Directive is a legal document that designates an agent to…


  • Thu 9/20/18
    10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.