New Intensive Rehabilitation Programs – Unique to Metro Area

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February 25, 2019

North Memorial Health now offers two new individualized, intensive rehabilitation treatment programs. These specialized programs have been inspired by the long-standing success of the Intensive Aphasia Program. Intensive programs are offered in addition to our traditional outpatient rehabilitation services, which include speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Intensive Cognitive-Communication Program

We know the brain needs intense repetition in a brief amount of time after a brain injury. The Intensive Cognitive-Communication Program (ICCP) is designed for adults with a brain injury from a fall, stroke or other trauma, who’ve completed inpatient rehabilitation and are still not able to fully participate in life as they could before their injury. ICCP can help with everything from attention, memory and problem solving deficits to language and communication skills.

By targeting each patient’s specific language and thinking skill impairments, the program helps patients return to their everyday life. The program consists of 16, three-and-a-half hour sessions over four weeks, four days each week. Each day, patients participate in individual and group treatment sessions targeting functional goals established at the beginning of the program. The following criteria applies for the ideal patient:

  • Mild to moderate cognitive-linguistic deficits
  • Otherwise healthy, with adequate vision and hearing
  • Able to tolerate three-and-a-half hours of treatment four days a week over the course of four weeks
  • Motivated and fully committed to participate

Let's Talk: Pediatric Intensive Speech Program

Clinical research shows that more frequent therapy with increased intensity results in better outcomes for children with apraxia and speech sound disorders. North Memorial Health’s Let’s Talk: Pediatric Intensive Speech Program helps children improve speech intelligibility when communicating at home, school or in the community with specific, daily, individualized speech treatment every day of the week for three weeks.

Offered during the summer to avoid conflicts with school, each Let’s Talk session includes 30 minutes of individual therapy focused on personal goals followed by snack time, a craft activity, sensory play time along with fine and gross motor activities like Simon Says. Each child is supported one-to-one throughout each session by a clinician who provides skilled intervention targeting the child’s individual speech sounds.
The ideal participant:

  • Has a diagnosis of childhood apraxia of speech or a moderate to severe articulation or phonological disorder
  • Is 3 – 5 years old
  • Has age-appropriate language and social communication skills

Refer Without Reservation

We evaluate each patient to ensure they are appropriate for the program. Insurance coverage varies. To learn more about our program, call 763-581-9100 or click here.