Emergency Department (ED) Volunteer

Position Description and Duties

We are excited to welcome you to apply and volunteer at Robbinsdale Hospital.

Apply to ED Volunteer Program


Position: Level One Trauma Emergency Department Volunteer

Department: Emergency Department

Reports to: Emergency Department Manager

Liaisons: ED Volunteer Program Coordinator

Location: Robbinsdale Hospital


ED volunteers are here to enhance quality patient care by assisting the ED team members, patients, and families.

  • Help to facilitate smooth and proper patient flow through their ED visit.
  • Provide an area and atmosphere conducive to comfort while waiting.
  • Serve as Greeter at Emergency Department walk-in entrance. Direct people to appropriate service areas in the ED.
  • Escort patients to other locations such as: coffee shop, elevators, cafeteria, lab, restrooms, telephones, admitting/registration, etc.
  • If asked, explain that the Triage nurse sets priority of when patients are seen by how ill the patients are based on triage criteria.
  • If directed by the Triage nurse, transport non-critical patients (by wheelchair or ambulatory) to assigned room in the Emergency Department.


  • Must pass a background check.
  • Emerging from the pandemic, we have a new orientation process. This includes all volunteers must show proof of being fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

  • High school diploma or G.E.D.
  • Preferred interest in the field of health care.
  • Be able to work independently and in a self-motivated fashion.
  • Be sensitive and able to work with individuals experiencing stress due to trauma, pain, or grief.
  • Be able to observe strict patient confidentiality.
  • Be effective in their communication skills.
  • Be able to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • Flexibility in adapting to needs of the ED environment.
  • Be able to tolerate the sight of blood and body fluids.
  • Have the ability to interact appropriately with children.
  • Be comfortable working in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Physically able to push a wheelchair and assist with cart.
  • Good problem solver.
  • Respectful, pleasant and courteous under all circumstances.
  • Be able to tolerate a lot of standing, sitting, walking, bending.
  • Have good visual and auditory abilities.
  • Can get around the medical facility as needed.

  • A two-semester commitment to work a minimum of one 4-hour shift a week.
    • Spring semester: February 6 – May 16
    • Summer semester: June 6 – August 11
  • Maintain the volunteer schedule
  • Must be able to provide own transportation
  • Commit to a background check

What volunteers gain from volunteering in the Emergency Department:

  • References (on completion of six months minimum commitment)
  • A greater insight into the workings of a level one trauma center
  • Supervision and support from a team of specialist nurses
  • Free parking
  • $8 meal allowance

Please follow the instructions below and call our office if you have any questions. Volunteer Services’ general office phone number is 763-581-3932.

Step 1: Complete application.

Step 2: Accepted applicants will be called for an interview with a Volunteer Services team member.

Step 3: Welcome and background check will be sent to applicant. Applicant will complete and submit. Volunteer Services will schedule fingerprinting.

Step 4: Upon receiving background clearance, Volunteer Services will send an online orientation covering the hospitals policies and procedures.

Step 5: Volunteer Services coordinator will call to schedule training in the emergency department. At that time, applicant will turn in completed required documents:

  • Immunization’s, COVID, flu, two MMR’s and varicella
  • Reference
  • Attestation for completing online orientation
  • Signed confidentiality
  • Signed training checklist

Volunteer Services’ general office phone number is 763-581-3932.