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Help us continue to provide not only the extraordinary care you’ve come to expect, but also the extra kindnesses, therapies, and services that complement the healing of hearts, minds, and bodies. Cutting edge, integrative, curative: These extra benefits are funded through your generosity, and 100 percent of what you donate goes to the fund of your choice.

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Tiny but Mighty

The NICU team cares for babies born early, with life-threatening illnesses or who need extra care. We are constantly amazed by their strength! Watch how two NICU families overcame this unanticipated challenge—and how well their little ones are doing today!

Programs You Can Support

You decide how your gift is used: Give to a cause close to your heart, or allocate it to our general fund, and we’ll determine where the need is greatest.

Maple Grove Hospital General Fund

You have the power to help every customer who comes through our doors have a meaningful and fulfilling experience. The extraordinary care you remember can be extended to others, right here at Maple Grove Hospital.

These funds are distributed to where the need is greatest, supporting a wide variety of extra services and care that make life—and its hurdles—a little bit easier to manage.

The General Fund has helped:

Develop our Schwartz Rounds. These seminars support our incredible caregivers by allowing them to connect to each other and help them build the resiliency and coping skills they need to work through the stress and emotions they face every day on the job.

Implement integrative therapies into our care practices. This includes helping customers manage their nausea after surgery with acupressure bands and training our team in the art of Healing Touch, a complementary therapy that helps customers feel better, faster.

Create a medical-free zone for our smallest customers, where kids can take part in therapeutic play and stress management, free from the worries that can come with treatment.

These funds can support a wide array of projects, from technology upgrades to new care programs, team member education to facility enhancements.

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Bereavement Program

Our team is committed to offering care and services for families experiencing loss at the hospital for as long as they need it.

When you give to our Bereavement fund, you provide:

  • priceless memory-making
  • post-discharge grief support
  • speakers and materials for support groups
  • annual memorial services
  • education and resiliency training for our team members

Notably, these services are not just limited to our Maple Grove Hospital customers: Our support groups are open to the entire community. By giving to this fund, you’re helping others face one of the most difficult phases of their life and honoring those who have passed away.

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Gayle Stegeman Memorial Scholarship

Gayle Stegeman was our incredible, longtime gift shop manager who provided an oasis within the hospital, supporting every shopper she met. Her thoughtfulness and kindness created a ripple effect throughout our halls and rooms from the day the hospital opened. Gayle was financially unable to pursue her medical-school dreams, so we know she would be proud that gifts made to her memorial scholarship will support the educational dreams of our committed junior volunteers. Her kindness continues on, even after her passing.

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Pregnancy & Birth

Family Birth Center
When you donate to our Family Birth Center, you are helping create special first experiences. Whether it’s giving away much-needed gear to families in need, supporting parents as they connect with their new little ones or supporting care team resilience, you’re giving our families the best start possible.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Our NICU providers are some of the very best around, but the process can still leave families scrambling. When you donate to our NICU, we are able to assist both critically ill infants and their families. This includes providing comfort items and specialty equipment to improve their experience. Donations improve our facilities to optimize them for healing and provide space where families can bond with their new babies. We also provide My Preemie Baby books, a journal to help families to celebrate each tiny baby’s milestones as they make their way toward going home with their families.


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SafeJourney Domestic Violence Support

SafeJourney Client Emergency
When we have a client facing a domestic abuse emergency, we use the fund to help provide them with life’s basic necessities to get them to safety. This can include clothing and shelter, personal hygiene products, medications, cell phone, transportation, or support classes. This fund supports one client at a time, one unique situation at a time.

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Senior Falls Prevention

An important part of good health is keeping customers educated, supported, empowered, and independent. Because falls are so prevalent, especially in customers over the age of 65 we teach them how to stay safe in their own homes. When you donate, you are supporting fall prevention educational activities, team member training, and community events.

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Team Member Crisis

Maple Grove Hospital team members are on hand 24/7 to help you through any medical need or emergency. Donating to this fund is a way to support them in return.

By giving, you help team members who are going through an unexpected life-changing event, such as an illness, a death in the family, or a natural disaster. It is one impactful way we can help our team members survive the unimaginable.

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Leadership & Contact

Maple Grove Hospital Fund Team

Kent Spaulding, Vice President, Development

Megan Banick-Oliveros, Manager, Grant Administration

Mollie Knowles, Manager, Events & Annual Giving

Joe Lofgren, Development Associate

Sharon Nygard, Executive Assistant

Janie Jorgenson, Development Assistant

Maple Grove Hospital Fund Committee

Andy Cochrane, CEO, Maple Grove Hospital

Pamela Doorenbos, MD, VP, Medical Affairs, Maple Grove Hospital

Joshua Hauble, J.D., Community Member

Jeanne Mrozek, MD, Minnesota Neonatal Physicians

Troy Reding, Co-Owner, Holman’s Table, Rock Elm Tavern, Maple Grove & Plymouth

Wendy Ulferts, CNO, Maple Grove Hospital

Faith Zwirchitz, RN, Director Women’s & Children’s, Maple Grove Hospital

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