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Team member giving is about supporting each other. It’s an opportunity to donate in effort to raise funds for your fellow team members, your neighbors and the individuals we treat.

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One drop can make a big ripple in the pond. Never underestimate the value of your donation and the help it provides.

Sign up and donate by simply filling out the information in the form below. There are several options that can make a big difference.

Team Member Giving Frequently Asked Questions

The North Memorial Health Foundation and Maple Grove Hospital Fund raise money for programs and services throughout the North Memorial Health system and Maple Grove Hospital. Many of these programs would not exist without the generosity of donors. These programs support team members and those we care for within our community.

Absolutely! There are over 30 different programs/funds to choose from. To learn more about the programs you can support visit North Memorial Health Foundation or Maple Grove Hospital Fund.

Yes. You just need to enter them each as individual donation transactions.

Yes! When you donate, you will receive a gift acknowledgment letter via email or by mail for tax purposes.

Cash, check, credit card or payroll deduction.

Your donation is automatically deducted from your paycheck each pay period based upon the total amount you pledged for the year. Depending on when you make your donation, deductions typically start the first pay period in January.

Yes. Select the payroll deduction option, ‘other’, and then enter total donation amount per year. (For example, if you want to donate $15/pay period you’d take $15 x 26 pay periods in a year = $390 total donation amount per year. $390 is what you should enter into the ‘other’ field and your donation will be automatically deducted by $15 each pay period.)

Any amount you can give makes an impact – every dollar counts when combined with the donations of others.

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