Gratitude through Giving

When you give to the North Memorial Health Foundation, you help make life easier for everyone coming through our doors. Your gifts save lives with new technology, provide comfort during a difficult diagnosis and create better healing environments. Together, we provide both healing and hope.

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Tiny but Mighty

The NICU team cares for babies born early, with life-threatening illnesses or who need extra care. We are constantly amazed by their strength! Watch how two NICU families overcame this unanticipated challenge—and how well their little ones are doing today!

Programs You Can Support

You control where your money goes: Give to a cause close to your heart, or allocate it to our general fund, and we’ll determine where the need is greatest.

You have the power to help give every person we care for a meaningful and fulfilling experience. The extraordinary care you remember can be extended to others, right here at North Memorial Health Hospital.

These funds are distributed where the need is greatest, supporting a wide variety of extra services and care that make life—and its hurdles—a little bit easier to manage.

These funds can support a wide array of projects, from technology upgrades to new care programs, team-member education to facility enhancements.

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Schwartz Rounds
Schwartz Rounds bring together panelists from all our care teams to participate in therapeutic sessions that address the emotional challenges they face every day. Because our teams work within a high-stress environment, this platform allows them to connect with their colleagues, process and heal from their experiences. The program promotes compassionate care through relationship building, support to caregivers and open communication.

Team Member Crisis
North Memorial Health team members are on hand 24/7 to care for you during all your medical needs. Donating to this fund is a way to support them in return.

By giving, you help team members who are going through an unexpected life-changing event, such as an illness, a death in the family, or a natural disaster. It is one impactful way we can help our team members survive the unimaginable.

Junior Volunteer Scholarships
Our committed high school student volunteers deserve recognition and support for their time and ongoing dedication to our community. When you donate, you are honoring these outstanding high school students by providing college scholarship funds. Learn more.

Learn More about Care Provider & Volunteer Support

Help ensure we continue to lead the way with our award-winning heart and vascular care that combines diagnostic, rehabilitative, and comprehensive care programs with personalized education. You can help us provide patients with the tools, and support they need for lasting success.

Learn More about Heart & Vascular Center

Our hospice program is second to none. When you donate to this fund you are helping our patients, caregivers and their families navigate and brave the critical, final stages in their lives. Your gifts also allow us to provide comfort baskets that include aromatherapy, music, hand massage lotion and a journal to help those on hospice connect with their five senses to bring feelings of joy, relaxation, comfort, and thoughts of peace.

We also support families through their grief with our cardinal program to commemorate their loved one’s memory, grief support groups, and our annual Memory Tree event in which families and friends of those we have lost come together in solace to reconnect with care providers and participate in a tree lighting in honor of their loved ones.

Learn More about Hospice & Comfort Care

Help us continue to provide not only the extraordinary care you’ve come to expect, but also the extra kindnesses, therapies, and services that complement the healing of hearts, minds, and bodies. Cutting edge, integrative, curative: These extra benefits are funded through your generosity, and 100 percent of what you donate goes to the fund of your choice.

Learn More about Maple Grove Hospital Fund

Medical Transportation Services
Help our medical transportation team continue to care for those who can’t get to the hospital on their own during an emergency, making sure they arrive as safely and quickly as possible. Our team is led by some of the best critical care practitioners who provide every level of emergency medical care. Services include 125 ambulances and 9 helicopters that transport nearly 90,000 patients each year across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Donations provide equipment, specialized training and community outreach throughout the region.

Community Paramedic Program
Our community paramedics provide a lifeline for those who have gone home from the hospital but still need care and connections to community resources. This innovative team ensures access to care for patients where they feel most comfortable. Community paramedics use Tele-Medicine to reach patients, making this program truly both a throwback to the past with house calls and to the future with virtual consulting. This fund supports equipment, technology, or other program enhancements that benefit our community.

Learn More about Medical Transportation

Mental & Behavioral Health Program
Our outpatient patients can spend several hours a day, several days a week going through treatment with our half-day and full-day programs. This fund covers items and experiences that improve their treatment and quality of life, including: art therapy, healthy cooking classes, a more healing environment, and specialty training for care providers.

Mental Health Patient Emergency
A meal, a winter coat, a ride: This crisis fund helps patients going through a mental health crisis by providing them with emergency support for basic needs. Mental health care can be all-consuming and sometimes our patients need help filling the gaps. Providing this safety net allows individuals to focus on getting their mind and body in a healthy place.

Inpatient Mental Health Services
Your donation can make new clinic equipment, furnishings, and supplies for therapeutic activities possible, meaning our patients will have a better treatment experience and our care teams have a better environment to provide their unmatched care.

BIPOC Mental Health Academic Scholarship
We are committed to best supporting the health of the diverse community we serve and recognize that access to care providers who represent and reflect those individuals is essential to their wellbeing. In support of this need, we provide scholarships for students of color enrolled in a mental health graduate program in Minnesota.

Learn More about Mental Health

Oncology Program Enhancement
We pride ourselves on having a holistic view of cancer care. Because our patients spend a lot of time in treatment, we want to provide the best all-around healing environment and care possible. When you donate to this fund, you are helping expand complementary care services, such as aromatherapy and massage. You are making cancer-care-specific exercise classes and more education for our providers possible. We are able to purchase, learn to use, and deploy new technology. We can reach out to our community to make sure their needs are being met outside our cancer care walls.

Breast Center
Our donors have provided so many wonderful things for our breast cancer patients, including funding support groups, expansion of complementary care services such as aromatherapy or massage, and new technology for treatments. In the recent past, our donors made sure we could purchase the latest tech for mammography—our 3D imaging machine. This technology provides results more quickly and reduces the need for follow-up testing–giving patients facing a diagnosis the most accurate information possible and peace of mind to those who are not.

Oncology Center
Help create the best possible atmosphere for delivering exceptional patient experiences and be known as the best place to practice, work, and heal. These funds may be used for new facilities, repairs and improvements, equipment, artwork, landscaping, and more.

In the past, your donations have funded therapeutic recliners for our patients who often spend hours sitting during chemotherapy. Art to make environments feel less like a hospital and more like home. And lab equipment that meant patients only had to wait minutes for their results, instead of days.

Cancer Care Pharmacy
There’s no way around it: Treatment for cancer is expensive. Imagine choosing between buying groceries or paying for your cancer prescriptions. When we found out that in some cases, our patients were facing these decisions, we knew we needed to create this fund. Donations provide assistance to pay for prescriptions and alleviate financial burden, so our patients can focus on their treatment.

Learn More about Oncology & Cancer Care

Mother & Baby Care
When you donate to our Mother & Baby Care, you are helping create special first experiences. Whether it’s giving away much-needed gear, such as car seats, to families in need or providing specialty equipment, you’re giving our families the best start possible.

Learn More about Pregnancy & Birth

Pastoral Care
It’s not just our bodies that need healing: It’s our emotional and spiritual selves, too. When you donate to this fund, you help improve chapel spaces and chaplain services, and allow us to provide comfort items, such as prayer shawls.

Campus Beautification Projects
This fund supports care and healing right outside the hospital walls: Help build an outdoor refuge and gathering place so families, patients, and care providers can find peace regardless of faith, background, or situation.

Learn More about Spiritual Care & Healing Spaces

Stroke Center
Our stroke center is certified at the highest level of accreditation and leads the nation in care. Comprehensive care is led by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, neurologists, pain management specialists, rehabilitation therapists, and case managers. When you donate, you support a holistic experience, from stroke prevention to treatment to aftercare programs for survivors and caregivers.

Learn More about Stroke & Neurology

Trauma Services
Support our Level I Trauma Center, one of the few in the upper Midwest with this prestigious verification. Your donations provide additional equipment, simulation tools and specialized training for care providers, so we can review real-life cases and improve outcomes for all of our patients now and into the future. Help keep our trauma services department the leader of the pack for treating the most complex cases in the region.

Injury Prevention
We use our trauma expertise to stop it before it starts. When you donate to this fund, you are supporting our injury prevention programs that provide education as well as free or reduced-cost lifejackets, helmets, and other equipment to keep people safe and out of our hospital. We also help with car seat safety for our community’s smallest members.

Senior Falls Prevention
An important part of good health is keeping our community educated, supported, empowered, and independent. Because falls are so prevalent, especially in those over the age of 65, we teach them how to stay safe in their own homes. When you donate, you are supporting fall prevention educational activities, team member training, and community events—which all adds up to allowing people to live their lives on their own terms.

Partnership for Change
The Partnership for Change is a community-based coalition that formed in response to an uptick in substance abuse among youth. We work to help reduce underage drinking, marijuana, prescription drugs, and more by providing education and outreach from schools to city halls. Your donation helps support our programming, so we can reach expand our services to reach everyone in our community.

Learn More about Trauma Care & Injury Prevention

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