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January 10, 2020

The birth experience can be both exciting and scary for families. That’s why the Family Birth Centers at Maple Grove Hospital and North Memorial Health Hospital provide the highest level of care for women and their babies in normal and high-risk situations. At a glance, we provide:

Expert Care

Expert care delivered by board-certified perinatalogists, OB hospitalists (North Memorial Health Hospital), board-certified neonatologists, registered diagnostic medial sonographers, board-certified genetics counselors and specially trained registered nurses.

State-of-the-art Equipment

State-of-the-art equipment including 4D ultrasound machines accredited by the Ultrasound Practice Council of American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.

Phone Consults Anytime

Phone consults anytime, and our physicians also see patients emergently when requested by their care provider.

Preconception Consultations

Preconception consultations for patients who are considering pregnancy but have concerns due to preexisting medical, obstetrical or genetic health issues.

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs)

Neonatal intensive care units with Maple Grove Hospital caring for babies born as early as 26 weeks of gestation and North Memorial Health Hospital caring for babies as early as 23 weeks.


We understand your patients want the very best care and options to make their experience fit their needs. That’s why we continuously evolve our services and capabilities.

24/7 Neonatal Consult Line: 1-888-455-BABY (2229) or 763-581-2035

Maple Grove Hospital Family Birth Center

North Memorial Health Hospital Family Birth Center