Family Birth Center – Maple Grove Hospital

Family Birth Center – Maple Grove Hospital

9875 Hospital Dr.
Maple Grove, MN 55369

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Main phone: 763-581-1000

The Ultimate Birth Experience

Welcome to the Maple Grove Hospital Family Birth Center: A nurturing, calming place to introduce your baby to the world. Our spa-like setting is designed with mothers and babies’ needs in mind—and so is the expert, family centered care.


Video Transcript: Maple Grove Hospital Family Birth Center Virtual Tour

This video features images of the Maple Grove Hospital Family Birth Center.

For over 10 years, our team has welcomed more than 55,000 new lives into the world. Welcome to the Maple Grove Hospital Family Birth Center. Complimentary parking is available for all customers and guests. Customers should enter through the main hospital entrance. The Family Birth Center is located on Level 2. Local art is featured throughout the hospital. Upon arrival, check-in at the Labor and Delivery Admitting Area. Three triage rooms are located near Labor and Delivery Unit entrance. There are antepartum rooms available where you will be cared for in partnership with our Maternal Fetal Medicine providers.

Our spa-like Labor and Delivery rooms include: a pull-out couch; a TV with education, guided imagery, movies as well as on-demand music; and a pull-down procedure light to allow for more communal space leading up to delivery. We also offer various pain management techniques including: a variety of laboring positions, birthing balls, breathing techniques, epidurals, limited integrative therapy, and soaking tubs. Additionally, two operating rooms are available for all C-Section deliveries. A collaborative nursing station allows for fetal monitoring leading up to delivery. We encourage skin-to-skin between mother and baby for the first hour post-delivery.

Average length of stay: vaginal delivery: 24-34 hours. C-Section: 2-3 days. All postpartum rooms are private and spacious, and include: hairdryer, infant bassinet, personal breast-pump, personal safe, pull-out couch, room service menu ordering, standing shower, and TV’s with education, guided imagery, movies as well as on-demand music. Our nurses are specially trained to provide breastfeeding support. Should your baby need additional care, we have both communal and private rooms in our Level III NICU with 24/7 oversite by our Minnesota Neonatology Physicians Group.

We’re excited to see you and be at your side.



The Labor and Delivery Experience

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  • Our spa-like private rooms, universally raved about by our families, are designed to appreciate nature and promote healing.
  • We are the largest Family Birth Center for deliveries in Minnesota. Our experienced staff and devoted nurses have assisted in more than 50,000 births.
  • We make sure you are always involved in making decisions as your labor and delivery progresses.
  • The nursing team has many ways to help relieve your labor pain. Pain relief options include birthing balls, soaking tubs, breathing techniques, integrative therapy, and a variety of laboring positions.
  • Our nurses are specially trained in lactation and can help you get started with breastfeeding if that is in your plan.
  • We also offer lactation support from internationally certified lactation consultants (also called IBCLCs) for those needing extra help. They’re available 7 days a week—including evenings—plus outpatient services and community services, even if you did not birth your baby here.
  • Our Level III NICU can support babies as early as 23 weeks of gestation.
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Guest Information

New father holding his baby at Maple Grove Hospital Visiting Hours

We have open visiting hours to allow you to welcome your newest family member as you see fit. Please only visit if you are healthy; visitors who have been sick or have tested positive for an illness such as COVID-19, influenza, or RSV in the last 10 days are not permitted in our hospital. Learn more about our visitor guidelines.


Parking is free in the convenient and spacious lot outside the hospital.

Doula/Labor Coach

We are a doula-friendly hospital and endeavor to keep you with your doula throughout the labor and delivery process, barring an emergency.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is available as an extra services for you to purchase.

Nearby Hotels

There are special hotel rates available for Maple Grove Hospital visitors though our partnership with the following hotels in Maple Grove:

  • Cambria Hotel Minneapolis Maple Grove: $116 per night for a double queen or king room. Call 952-225-2685 to book a room and mention Maple Grove Hospital to get the discount.
  • Hampton Inn Minneapolis NW Maple Grove: $124 per night for a double queen or king room. Book a room at this rate.

A Healthy Baby is Worth the Wait

In accordance with the March of Dimes and the national standard of care put forth by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, all providers are required to prove a medically indicated reason to induce mothers to deliver babies before 39 weeks gestation.

Maple Grove Hospital doctor holding baby

Safety and Security

Your baby’s safety and security is of paramount importance. We provide electronic security bands and matching ID bracelets after delivery.

Family Birth Center – Maple Grove Hospital

Interpreter Services

We offer support options for deaf, hard of hearing, language assistance and translation services. These services are all free of charge and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for customers.

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Bereavement Support and Rainbow Babies

We provide excellent bereavement support for those experiencing the pain of loss or celebrating a rainbow baby. Our nurse navigators will coordinate your care and direct you to the best possible resources for your family’s needs.
More about our bereavement program

Services & Programs

First Day Photo partners with Maple Grove Hospital to offer professional newborn photography in the comfort and convenience of your hospital birth center room. Your baby’s portrait session is complimentary. Photos are available for purchase.

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We bring families together—even when they start out on opposite sides of the globe. Managing the timing of a birth and and the support of a gestational carrier and her intended family is an intricate dance of legal paperwork, planning, and co-piloting, which is why we offer help with your referral (attorney or agency) birth planning. Our social worker and perinatal nurse navigator help you manage the details so you can stay focused on the new joy arriving soon.

We’re here to help you have the best birth experience possible, whatever your wishes may be. Ultimately, our goal is healthy babies and healthy moms, and we support whatever options available to make that happen for you. We also promote an atmosphere of calming, healing support as you bond with your new baby.

C-Section Packet (PDF)

Our IBCLC lactation consultants are a community resource, offering consultation every day of the week, both for newborns and mothers during their hospital stays, and for outpatients needing expert advice. We also have access to screened, pasteurized donor milk for babies needing supplementation.

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Myocare partners with Maple Grove Hospital to offer moms a soothing and relaxing way to help welcome a baby into the world. Calming music and soft candle light combined with award-winning therapeutic massage helps to promote healing and relaxation following childbirth.

You may choose from the following in-room massage packages:
– 30 minute massage: $79
– 60 minute massage: $129
– 90 minute massage: $159
– Couples massage: $179

To schedule an in-room massage therapy session at Maple Grove Hospital, please call 612-547-0085 by 4:30 p.m. for same night service. Services are offered 4:00 – 10:00 p.m. to allow new moms quality time with visitors, new baby and get the rest she needs. We recommend making a reservation three weeks before your due date to ensure priority scheduling.

Please visit for up-to-date pricing and information.

Our Level III NICU is prepared to take babies as small as 23 weeks gestation, and our neonatologists and team can provide expert care for a wide array of illnesses and complications. We focus on interdisciplinary care that empowers families to make the best care decisions for their newest members.

Learn More about Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

While your primary obstetrician and advance practice professionals will oversee your care and delivery, if needed, we have a team of OB/GYN hospitalists onsite 24/7 to offer additional support and consultation.

Learn More about OB/GYN Hospitalist Program

There is nothing more devastating than the loss of a child. Nothing can stop that tsunami of grief. But with compassionate, educated care, focused on you and your needs, we can help. We believe it’s possible and important to both mourn and celebrate the all-too-brief life of your child. When everything is falling apart, we are here to help you try to put some of the pieces back together to work toward a new normal.

Learn More about Perinatal Bereavement

To get your healing and family bonding off to the best possible start, we make sure you get all the care you need: adequate rest, soaks in the deep tub, lactation support, pain management, and more. A doctor from your clinic will visit you each day, and a registered nurse and nursing assistant will be assigned to your care. Family members and other visitors are welcome for as long as you feel comfortable—and we love introducing siblings. We make sure you get all the support, advice, rest, and care you need to heal and thrive after giving birth, which includes ensuring you are all well-equipped and ready to go home.

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Starting Your Journey

  • Family Birth Center Tour

    Visit our Family Birth Center for a tour or watch our virtual tour to experience what you can expect when delivering at Maple Grove Hospital.

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  • Birthing Education

    Sign up for one of our child birthing preparation classes. We offer several classes and topics include: labor process, birthing options, breathing, relaxation and labor support, and more!

    VIEW CLASSES Expecting Mother
  • Pre-Register For Your Delivery

    Complete our secure, online form through MyChart. If you do not have a MyChart account you can sign up online. This form should be completed six weeks prior to your due date.

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Groups & Classes

Get the support and education you need to live your best life. Consider this care beyond the clinic walls.

Maple Grove Hospital Family Birth Center Tour

Maple Grove Hospital 9875 Hospital Drive, Maple Grove, MN

This 45-minute tour will offer you an in-depth look at everything our Family Birth Center at Maple Grove Hospital has to offer.


Maple Grove Hospital Family Birth Center Tour

Maple Grove Hospital 9875 Hospital Drive, Maple Grove, MN

This 45-minute tour will offer you an in-depth look at everything our Family Birth Center at Maple Grove Hospital has to offer.