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February 18, 2019

Embedding Pharmacist in Clinical Workflow

One out of four patients prescribed specialty medications have been found to be noncompliant. This statistic is proof that adherence to medication regimens can often be a weak link in treatment programs. Many patients struggle with ongoing compliance, taking their medication sporadically or in a sub-optimal way.

Helping our patients with complex conditions and expensive medications is at the heart of North Memorial Health Pharmacy’s new partnership with Trellis Rx. Their technology enabled specialty pharmacy services ensure our patients receive personalized pharmacy services with high-touch coordination. Together, these improve adherence to treatment and result in better clinical outcomes.

Beginning in late 2018, our oncology and infectious disease patients began receiving expanded pharmacy service offerings due to our Trellis Rx partnership. Services include receiving their medication and education before they leave the clinic. These patients also have direct access to a pharmacist who helps coordinate, educate and support them to ensure they get the most out of their new medication regimen.

Liaisons also help manage insurance authorizations and coordinate with foundations, manufacturers’ assistance programs, and other financial resources to help oncology and infectious disease patients afford their medications. Also, filling their prescription(s) right at the North Memorial Pharmacy can eliminate the delays and inefficiencies that patients often experience when using a store or mail order specialty pharmacy. Learn more.

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