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Volunteers are an integral part of our success. Our volunteer program is a leader among healthcare volunteer programs, which means that while you give of your time and heart, you get an unrivaled experience, too.

How to Apply

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Maple Grove Hospital Volunteer

The Gift of Giving

We know you’re not in it for yourself—that’s why you volunteer. But there are a few perks to spending your time and energy in healthcare volunteering:

  • Discounts in our gift shop and pharmacy.
  • Meal voucher for every shift.
  • Access to support from our spiritual care team.
  • Complimentary flu vaccination.
  • Fulfill required service hours for schools and universities.
  • Exposure to the medical field and networking, including inclusion in team meetings, educational, and team-building events.
  • Letters of recommendation or references for jobs and educational opportunities.
  • Scholarship opportunities for junior volunteers.

Plus, research shows the mind and body experience a positive lift with volunteering!

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Where giving feels like getting.

At Maple Grove Hospital, you are never just a number or a body in a healthcare volunteer role. We get to know you—your preferences, goals, and personality—so we can pair you with an opportunity where you can shine. Our roles in more than 20 different departments assures that whether introvert or extrovert, stocking medical supplies to greeting guests, you’ll have a mission that matters.

Apply today to get started.

Adults, 18 and older, out of school:


If you need a paper application, call 763-581-1710.

The Junior Volunteers application is currently closed.

A World of Opportunity

North – Maple Grove Hospital offers many ways to volunteer, learn and grow.

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Search Volunteer Opportunities

Share your expert time and talents.

Each volunteer brings a new and unique level of expertise to Maple Grove Hospital. No matter where your talents and interests lie, chances are we have an opportunity for you.


For Current Healthcare Volunteers

Already a North – Maple Grove Hospital Volunteer? Login to VICNet to:

  • View/print volunteer schedule
  • Sign up for additional shifts
  • Update personal login
  • View messages, news, and updates
  • Track service hours


Junior Volunteers

The Junior Volunteers application is currently closed.

Learn and grow with a premier hospital.

If you’re 14 or older and able to make a regularly scheduled healthcare volunteer commitment of 6 months or more, apply for a volunteer opportunity. Generally, you’ll fill a two-to-four-hour shift two to four times per month. Get great experience, fill volunteer hours for school or personal fulfillment, and potentially leave with a network, references, and letters of recommendation.

Helpful Tips for Parents of Junior Volunteers

Volunteering at North – Maple Grove Hospital is an opportunity for young people to learn and demonstrate commitment and accountability. We expect every volunteer to attend orientation and independently complete an in-person interview.

While we encourage parents/guardians to ask questions, we also respectfully request you refrain from attending orientation or the interview so your child can learn about the applicant experience for future employment.

Orientation topics include:

  • North – Maple Grove Hospital culture/values
  • Volunteer expectations
  • Perks/benefits of volunteering
  • Confidentiality/HIPAA
  • Infection control
  • Safety & security

We communicate directly with your child in person or via phone and/or email. We understand that not all students have personal cell phones or email addresses, but we ask you to please encourage your child to communicate directly with our office as much as possible. This experience will help your child strengthen communication and organizational skills.

We hope your child’s experience at North – Maple Grove Hospital will capitalize on their personal strengths, develop critical thinking skills, and help prepare them for the future.

Have questions?

Email us

Important Documents

If you’ve completed an interview and received an email inviting you to join the healthcare volunteer team, complete these documents before you have your Human Resources appointment. Contact our office if you would prefer a paper copy to complete.

All Volunteers

Junior Volunteers (ages 14-18, enrolled in high school)

Fax: 763-581-1585

Email: mghvolunteerservices@northmemorial.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible depending on your schedule and the needs of the department in which you serve.

All new volunteers must complete 20 hours of service in their assigned department/care area before adding or moving to another department/care area.

While we generally ask volunteers to make a minimum 6 month commitment, we are willing to work with college students who can volunteer 2-3 times per week over the summer months. Please submit an application to start the conversation.

While volunteering at North – Maple Grove Hospital allows you to become familiar with and possibly comfortable in a medical setting, we do not have a formal shadowing program with our physicians.

Not at this time.

All positions require that a volunteer be 14 years of age and older. Some positions require that volunteers be 16 or 18 years of age and older.

While we do have volunteers in our NICU, they are required to have a minimum of 6 months experience as a North – Maple Grove Hospital volunteer before moving into this role.

Volunteers are scheduled on the same day and time for the first six months of service, either on a weekly or every other week schedule. Volunteers are welcome to pick up extra shifts, in addition to their regular schedule, as their availability allows.

Documentation of two MMR immunizations or proof of immunity to measles and rubella, as well as Varicella (chickenpox) immunization or immunity is required of all volunteers.

All employment is arranged through our Human Resources Department. All individuals go through the same process in order to gain employment at North – Maple Grove Hospital. Volunteering does not inherently give you an advantage over non-volunteers.

It is suggested that volunteers in certain departments bring a book to read discreetly during “down times”. However, we do not encourage you to bring homework or other work that would bring your attention away from assisting staff or visitors.

Some volunteer positions may occasionally involve assisting patients as they discharge. However, we do not have a specific volunteer position working within patient discharge at this time.

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Volunteers work to assist staff as the staff members provide direct care. While you may interact with patients and visitors in your volunteer role, you will not provide any direct care measures.

Applications are maintained for one year. If after one year the individual has not progressed in the process of becoming a volunteer the application is deleted from our system or shredded. You do not need to submit more than one application unless a year has lapsed since your last submission. You also do not need to submit a new application if you move from junior to adult volunteer status.

Our volunteer program is a separate entity.

Maple Grove Hospital young female volunteerWhat Our Volunteers Say

“I decided to become a volunteer because I felt I had something attractive to offer: time and empathy towards our healthcare heroes. I have enjoyed helping others. My time at the hospital has been rewarding and enjoyable. I have gained a new appreciation for the value of having a competent, safe healthcare facility that is located near my home.”

“Volunteering at North – Maple Grove Hospital is a great experience. Every time I volunteer at the hospital, I leave with a sense of satisfaction knowing that I did my part in keeping the hospital organized.”

“Volunteering at North – Maple Grove Hospital is one of the highlights of my week! Almost every time I volunteer, someone in the hospital lobby stops me and thanks me for my effort. Giving back to our communities is one of the great blessings of my retirement. You can make a small difference in bettering the community by volunteering at North – Maple Grove Hospital.”

“Volunteering means kindness makes a small difference for the better.”

“I enjoy being helpful to others who are doing such important work! I love being a part of a medical setting as that was the setting I worked in for many years. Everyone is so friendly. I would encourage anyone interested in volunteering to come to North – Maple Grove Hospital!”

Learn more about our amazing volunteers.