Intensive Aphasia Program

Gain Skills, Grow Your Confidence

North Memorial Health’s four-week Intensive Aphasia Program provides individual and  group therapy to customers with mild to severe aphasia.

Woman going through speech therapy

Program Overview

North Memorial Health leads the way in stroke recovery. Our Intensive Aphasia Program (IAP) is an innovative outpatient program that includes many hours of intense therapy over the course of three weeks.  It is one of only six IAP programs in the United States, and the first in the region.

In this innovative program, customers participate in treatment sessions for three and a half hours a day, five days a week. After four weeks of therapy, they achieve an average of 13% gain (as measured by the Western Aphasia Battery) and are able to achieve similar results with repeated participation.  

North Memorial offers an Intensive Aphasia Program 12 times a year.

Services include:

  • One-on-one therapy with a speech language pathologist
  • One hour of therapy using computers and/or technologies
  • Thirty minutes of structured communication activities
  • One hour of group therapy directed by speech pathologist(s)
  • Weekly caregiver meetings
  • Occasional guest speakers and community outings


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Our individually-focused intensive aphasia treatment programs are here to help.

For additional information or to submit a program application, call 763-581-9100.