Surgery at North Memorial Health – Maple Grove Hospital

Surgery at North – Maple Grove Hospital

We do things the way they ought to be done—for you. Our tight-knit, experienced team co-pilots your care, delivering care that our patients rate as consistently excellent. We do these surgeries a lot, and we’re really good at them. Expect nothing less than the best.

  • We're efficient.

    We run like clockwork: We work together to stay on schedule and get you home as soon as possible.

    Maple Grove Hospital surgery room and prepping for surgery
  • We keep you in the loop.

    We are by your side through prep, surgery, and recovery—and can keep loved ones informed via texts, too.

    Maple Grove Hospital Surgery prep
  • We deliver personal care with high-tech surgery.

    And that means we consistently rank within the top hospitals in the North Metro for joint replacements and robotic surgeries.

    Maple Grove Hospital surgery team

Getting Here & Visiting

We make arriving, visiting, and staying here simple. We offer:

  • free parking
  • easy check-in at the front desk
  • private rooms for everyone (and rooming-in for families)
  • really great, current movies
  • open visiting hours
  • gift shop
  • on-site pharmacy
  • cafeteria
  • lots of local shopping and restaurant options just across the street

Holistic Care Options

Managing your pain and stress can go a long way in helping you recover quickly. We offer a variety of holistic services with your surgery, including:

  • aromatherapy in pre-op
  • nondenominational spiritual care
  • integrative therapies, such as hand massage, healing touch, and Reiki

Surgical Choice

We believe that you deserve to hear all the information and make your best choices for you in partnership with your care team, right down to the nitty-gritty of anesthesia options. We do the least invasive surgery wherever possible, including anterior minimally invasive total hip replacements and robotic surgeries.

What to Expect the Day of Your Surgery

Every person regardless of surgery takes the basic same steps when they arrive.

You sign in and are taken to the Patient Care Center, where a nurse will get you ready for surgery. That involves paperwork and consent, IV placement, and more. Your loved ones can stay with you until you go into the operating room. If you choose, your loved ones can get text updates as you reach milestones of your surgery, so they stay informed and know when you’ll be finished.

Phase I Recovery is in the PACU, where we monitor you and make sure you are ready to return to your room. We then can move you to your room or patient care center for your phase II recovery, where loved ones can join you.

Team Member and Patient Satisfaction

We have happy team members, so it’s not surprising that we have low turnover and high patient satisfaction. We’re happy to be here and we do our jobs well, and that translates to you getting exactly the care you deserve and want.


One of the biggest questions you may have about your surgery is regarding anesthesia. You may be wondering  what kind of anesthesia you will receive and how your pain and anesthesia will be managed.

You will have the opportunity to discuss the options for anesthesia with your anesthesiologist before surgery.  Additionally, you will meet your anesthesia care team on the day of your procedure and will be able to discuss any questions or concerns you may have at that time.  The anesthesia care team will balance your individual health and need for surgical anesthesia, in conjunction with your surgeon, to determine the safest possible choice.  They will make recommendations and partner with you to plan your anesthetic.  Your overall comfort is a priority for the team.

At North Memorial Health, we provide anesthesia through an anesthesia care team model meaning you will have a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) and an anesthesiologist who work together to ensure the best outcomes.  Whether you are aware of it or not, you will always have an anesthesia care provider present from prior to your procedure until you are safely transitioned to postoperative care.

Types of Anesthesia

For each type of anesthesia, there are side effects, risks and benefits. These will be explained to you and you should discuss them thoroughly with your anesthesia care team prior to you procedure.

Local Anesthesia
You’re alert, awake, and feeling completely aware. We numb a small area of your body to provide a service, such as stitches, and it wears off after we finish the procedure.  In the case, you will work exclusively with your surgeon to keep you comfortable and will not involve the anesthesia care team.

Regional Anesthesia
This is a popular choice for some childbirths, because it numbs the lower half of your body, but you are awake and aware of what’s happening. This can also be used for some arm and leg procedures.  Sedation may be administered in addition to keep you comfortable during your procedure.

IV/Monitored Sedation
This type of sedation is used for shorter procedures, such as colonoscopies. Your level of alertness and awareness can range from quite aware to drowsy to not remembering the procedure at all, depending on your needs and desires.  You awaken quickly after the medicine is stopped.

General Anesthesia
This is when IV and inhaled medication is used for major surgeries and surgeries that would not otherwise be possible if you were awake.  You may have a breathing tube for this type of anesthesia. The anesthesia care team will monitor your vital signs throughout your procedure and then reverse the medication once your procedure is complete.  They will continue to watch you as you wake up.

Interpreter Services

We offer support options for deaf, hard of hearing, language assistance and translation services. These services are all free of charge and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for patients at North Memorial Health.

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Surgical Options

Professional, private, dignified care. From hemorrhoids to complex colon cancer, we can treat your condition. We offer a full spectrum of surgery types, from open surgery to laparoscopic surgery to robotic surgeries.

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Ear, nose and throat procedures with experienced professionals and high-tech vision. Our experienced surgeons handle a full spectrum of ear, nose and throat surgeries, ranging from the simple to complex cases, and from children to adults.

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We offer a wide range of surgery options for your neck and torso, including laparoscopic and robotic options. Our minimally invasive techniques have shortened hospital stays and recovery times.

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Fairview's network of 5,000 providers, 56 clinics, 100+ specialties and 12 hospitals offers a full spectrum of health care services.

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Specialists in General Surgery

We treat a variety of conditions, diseases, and disorders, from breast cancer and colon disease, to hernias and spleen disorders.

We provide expert care for every phase of a woman's reproductive life, with open, laser, laparoscopic and robotic surgical options.

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We provide it all, from same-day cosmetic procedures to complex reconstructions.

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Surgery to correct bone and joint conditions and alleviate pain and impairment.

When it comes to urology, everything you need is here. Our board-certified surgeons perform a variety of surgeries with lasers, sound waves, robots and other techniques and work with interdisciplinary teams wherever needed.

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Fairview's network of 5,000 providers, 56 clinics, 100+ specialties and 12 hospitals offers a full spectrum of health care services.

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