North Memorial Health Clinic Introduces Technology to Enable Virtual Registration at Clinics, Urgent Care locations and Urgency Centers


(Golden Valley, MN – August 21, 2020) — North Memorial Health Clinic has moved several steps closer to eliminating the physical clinic waiting room. This is possible through newly introduced innovations to ensure the safety of both patients and staff, while improving everyone’s overall healthcare experience. Hello Patient and On My Way, offered through Epic’s MyChart, are two digital capabilities that North Memorial Health has launched to provide a more robust virtual patient experience and increase the efficiency of processes involving appointment check-in and patient registration. Both are features that can be used within the MyChart mobile app, providing a seamless transfer of information within the patient’s unique MyChart account.

Hello Patient

Hello Patient is a new feature within the MyChart mobile app that uses geolocation capability to detect when a patient arrives for an appointment. Hello Patient automatically checks in those who have completed relevant MyChart tasks ahead of time, and prompts patients to complete MyChart’s eCheck-in process if there are outstanding tasks required, allowing them to complete this process right from their vehicle before entering the clinic building.

On My Way

On My Way is new web-based technology from MyChart that patients can use to notify Urgent Care or Urgency Center staff that they are on their way. The tool allows patients to share their medical concerns and pre-register prior to arrival, so they can wait in line virtually and further reduce wait times and registration activities on site. This feature is available at our Minnetonka and Blaine Urgency Centers as well as our Maple Grove and Elk River Urgent Care locations.

“Eliminating the time that patients spend in a physical waiting room is a significant enhancement to their experience at our clinics and it is one of the many ways we are helping them stay safer as COVID-19 spreads in our community,” said Jennifer Close, chief executive officer, North Memorial Health Clinic. “We want our patients to know that we are thinking about their concerns when it comes to receiving medical care now and actively working to offer choices from virtual visits to in-person appointments that help them get the care they need when and where they want it.”

Patients may access the new features by downloading the MyChart app onto their mobile device. The new technologies will complement existing North Memorial Health safety and convenience measures that provide patients with confidence in the quality of the care they receive and the safety of the clinic environment for those who choose or need to receive care in-person.

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