Pregnancy Care With our Family Medicine Doctors

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November 30, 2021

Pregnant woman at a doctor appointmentDid you know that patients can access North Memorial Health’s team of twelve Family Medicine doctors that offer Obstetric care?

Research shows that a good family medicine doctor keeps individuals and their families healthier overall, including during pregnancy. What’s more: Family Medicine doctors that offer Obstetric care have extensive experience with common co-existing conditions that have the potential to complicate pregnancies like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

When it’s delivery time, these Family Medicine doctors will meet the patient at one of our Birth Centers – providing continuity of care in a nurturing environment. After delivery, the Family Medicine doctor continues to care for both the mother and newborn during their hospital stay, and then continues to care for both mother and for the child throughout all stages of life.

While our Family Medicine doctors collaborate with specialists (including OB/GYNs) to provide the best care possible, they’re here to uniquely care for and understand all the health needs of moms-to-be and their families.

These doctors work closely with the expert teams at each of our Family Birth Centers, from specially trained registered nurses and OB hospitalists to board-certified perinatologists and neonatologists.

North Memorial Health offers three ways to receive pregnancy care. Through specific Family Medicine doctors at our clinics, through our Family Medicine provider partners and with our OB/GYN partners.

Specialized Care, Conveniently Located

In addition to providing outstanding pregnancy care, we offer convenience as well. Patients can be treated at any of the following:

Meet our Family Medicine Obstetrics Doctors



Maple Grove


St. Anthony