A big bang in healthcare.

Let’s face it. Healthcare is a broken system. Providers tell you one thing. Insurance companies tell you something different. And guess who is stuck in the middle? The customer.
We decided to change that.

Blaze Health - A big bang in healthcare

Two entities, one mission.

Blaze Health is a joint venture between Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota and North Memorial Health, including North Memorial Health primary care clinics, speciality care clinics and hospice. Our mission is to offer a better way to navigate healthcare and improve the customer experience.

BlueCross BlueShield of  Minnesota
North Memorial Health
Circular graphic showing how Blaze Health is different.

Blaze Health is the innovative organization that will unmask healthcare complexity.

Blaze Health is committed to making healthcare more accessible, more affordable and less complicated. We will eliminate the hassle in healthcare so customers can focus on their health. We will remove customers from the sticky middle between the healthcare provider and insurance company.

Customer-first philosophy

Simpler processes. Easier to understand billing. Direct communication between insurer and provider, all seamlessly working to make your experience better.

Photo of a customer with their personality, opinions, and options.
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Join our team and change the world of healthcare

Are you a healthcare superstar looking for an exciting opportunity to make a real difference? BlazeHealth is now accepting job applications for a wide range of positions.