North Memorial Health Top Doctors recognized by MN Monthly


North Memorial Health is proud to celebrate our doctors who have been recognized as Top Doctors by MN Monthly. The magazine develops this annual list by asking doctors across the state one question: “If you or a loved one needed medical care, which doctor would you recommend?”

At North Memorial Health, we believe in treating patients like family. These award winners are from many different areas of medicine but if you were to listen to each of them talk about the care they provide, you would hear many things in common: deep listening to understand their patients’ preferences and fears, an openness to partner with patients and work through the complexity of their care and an interest in overall well-being. This commitment to high-quality care is available from physicians and advanced practice providers across North Memorial Health.

“These physicians are living North Memorial Health’s care philosophy to empower patients and treat them like family. And, their peers are noticing. I am extremely proud of these doctors for their commitment to high-quality care and the expertise they bring to their practices,” said J. Kevin Croston, MD, CEO – North Memorial Health.

Thank you to all North Memorial Health doctors for going above and beyond to treat our patients like family.

North Memorial Health “Top Docs”

Leslie A. Baken, MD – Infectious Disease
North Memorial Health Specialty Clinic – Maple Grove

In her over 25 years of experience as an infectious disease physician, Dr. Baken has learned the importance of listening. She strives to hear her patient’s facts, fears and experiences. By uncovering their needs, she is able to learn things about her patient’s experiences and issues that critically affect their health.

Charles H. Horowitz, MD – Brain and Neurology, Rehabilitation
North Memorial Health Hospital

Dr. Horowitz is a neurologist who listens to his patients so he can provide the most accurate diagnosis and best care possible. He believes they are the most successful when they collaborate in a trusting and respectful manner.

Farha Khan, MD, FACE – Endocrinology
North Memorial Health – Minnetonka Medical Center

Dr. Khan leads our endocrinology and diabetes practice and has extensive experience treating disorders of the endocrine system including type 1 and 2 diabetes, pituitary and adrenal disorders, osteoporosis, thyroid issues, metabolic bone disease and more. Dr. Khan actively involves her patients in their care plan and treatment options, clearly explaining the potential benefits and side effects with each alternative. She uses a team approach to diabetes management, working closely with dietitians and diabetes educators.

Charles Kim, MD – Family Medicine
North Memorial Health Clinic – Downtown Minneapolis

Family medicine provider Dr. Kim has a special interest in promoting a holistic approach toward his patients’ well-being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), chronic disease management and weight management through a healthy lifestyle. He is also interested in skin and nail procedures.

Joseph I. Levine, MD – Oncology, Hematology
North Memorial Health Cancer Center – Robbinsdale

Dr. Levine’s philosophy in healthcare is that no single treatment approach is applicable to all patients. He believes that therapy must be individualized in order to yield the best outcomes. He also believes in the power of education and hopes that after every encounter his patients have a greater understanding of their disease and the rationale for therapy. Dr. Levine enjoys all of the complexities of hematology and oncology and has specific interests in the treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies, hepatobiliary and pancreas cancers, as well as lymphoma and malignancies of the bone marrow.

Jennifer L. Woodland, MD – Family Medicine
North Memorial Health Clinic – New Hope

Dr. Woodland aims to embrace the “family” part of being a family physician, dutifully fulfilling her role to take care of the entire family. With a focus on guiding her patients to successful healthcare decision-making, Dr. Woodland works to provide them with the most up-to-date information and advice to coach them along. She prides herself in supporting them through not only the best experiences, but also the toughest times when they need her help the most.

Dr. Woodland’s practice involves pediatrics, OB/GYN, women’s health, mental health, internal medicine and geriatrics. She offers office procedures including mole removal, contraceptive options, and evaluation and treatment of abnormal pap smears with colposcopy and LEEPs.

 Grace Peterson, MD – Family Medicine
North Memorial Health Clinic – Golden Valley

Dr. Peterson practices preventive health, both at home and at work. She believes the best medicine includes getting enough sleep, healthy nutritional habits and routine exercise. Dr. Peterson enjoys educating her patients on their health problems and treatments so they are empowered to manage them on a daily basis.

 Mark Prebonich, MD – Internal Medicine
North Memorial Health Internal Medicine – Maple Grove

Dr. Prebonich specializes in providing comprehensive care to adults with multiple, complex medical problems. He has a special interest in musculoskeletal ultrasound evaluation and in performing ultrasound guided joint aspirations and injections.

Todd Stanhope, MD – Obstetrics/Gynecology
North Memorial Health Hospital

Dr. Stanhope specializes in providing care the Family Birth Center. By being continually present, he and his partners are able to rapidly respond to any concerns that might arise during a woman’s labor at any time of day. His clinical interests include vaginal birth after Cesarean, medical complications of pregnancy, emergency OB/GYN care and contraception. Above all, he most enjoys working with the patient and her family to achieve a safe delivery consistent with her preferences.

 Jennifer A. Tessmer-Tuck, MD – Obstetrics/Gynecology
North Memorial Health Hospital

Dr. Jennifer Tessmer-Tuck is a board-certified OB/GYN who believes in the normalcy of childbirth and maintains a low cesarean delivery rate. She tries diligently to help patients make informed decisions about their care by providing them with medical expertise and advice while also recognizing the autonomy of the patient to make the right choices for themselves and their family. Her passion is to provide the best care for women and their babies in the Family Birth Center while working to maintain personalized care and a high level of patient satisfaction.

Joseph R. Van Camp, MD – Cardiothoracic Surgery
North Memorial Health Hospital

Dr. Joseph Van Camp approaches patients as individuals and tries to listen to their concerns and how a disease affects their lives. He makes recommendations for a care plan and then together decides on the best way to proceed for each individual. He believes both the patient and the provider need to feel they have made the right choices regardless of the outcome.

Adam G. Van Dijk, MD – Family Medicine
North Memorial Health Clinic – Camden

Dr. Van Dijk provides primary care for everyone from newborns to geriatrics. He provides acute or urgent care, outpatient procedures such as vasectomies, joint injections and skin biopsies as well as hospital inpatient care and chronic disease management.